Lana Del Rey And James Franco Romance Rumor Dispelled — Again

Lana Del Rey and James Franco are best friends that more fans would like to see become more than friends. Sadly, a new rumor has little evidence that Franco and Lana Del Rey are going to get into a relationship.

A lot of confusion about Lana Del Rey and James Franco’s relationship started last year when he posted on Instagram “Oh snap! We got married — Just kidding!” and showed a pic of him and Lana Del Rey. Following that, in the fall, he did an interview with V Magazine where he talked about Lana Del Rey as his “muse” in a poetic fashion.

Franco has talked about Lana Del Rey in the past.

“When I watch her stuff, when I listen to her stuff, I am reminded of everything I love about Los Angeles. I am sucked into a long gallery of Los Angeles cult figurines, and cult people, up all night like vampires and bikers. The only difference between Lana and me is her haunting voice. That carries everything. The voice is the central axle around which the spokes of everything else extend.”

A reader could potentially get confused about how James Franco feels about Lana Del Rey when he says, “My axle, like her voice is for her, is my acting. Out of it, I do everything else. I don’t like vampires and bikers in my life, but I like them in my art.”

James Franco continues to gush about Lana Del Rey and ends with, “I wanted to interview Lana for a book and she said, ‘Just write around me, it’s better if it’s not my own words. It’s almost better if you don’t get me exactly, but try.'”

Obviously, since that September, 2014, article was published, James Franco has been trying to explain to everyone that he and Lana Del Rey are just friends — even if it did not come across that way to anyone else.

James Franco was quoted about Lana Del Rey by E! Online in December after he did an interview on December 15 with the Howard Stern Show. James Franco said that he has never “hooked up” with Lana Del Rey — but he would “have sex with her music.”

This certainly dispelled rumors that have been recently posted that “The fact that she [Lana Del Rey] was around him a lot during Sony email hack when ‘The Interview’ actor fell ill may be the reason that James Franco may be so fond of the ‘Ultraviolence’ singer.”

The incident with Sony emails getting hacked took place on November 24, and, according to the Us Weekly, James Franco was one of the victims. While he was in fact spending a lot of time with Lana Del Rey around September when he wrote about her for V Magazine, he later followed up with an interview with Howard Stern where the rumors about him and Lana Del Rey were squashed.

In other words, if you read any recent rumors saying that Lana Del Rey and James Franco started being an item around December — they probably are not true.

Does that mean those rumors about Lana Del Rey and James Franco are still untrue? After all, an old photo from last summer with Lana Del Rey and James Franco was reposted on his Instagram account on March 23 — but it does not prove they are or ever will be an official couple.

For now, all we know about Lana Del Rey for sure is that she is gearing up for her 2015 “Endless Summer” Tour with Courtney Love and Grimes. As for James Franco, we will probably see him out in the audience this summer at a Lana Del Rey concert — making love to her music.

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