This ‘Furious 7’ Trailer Comes With An Interesting Polish Twist [Video]

With almost shot-for-shot perfection, a group of Polish comedians have created a parody video of the recently released Furious 7. And it’s an odd treat.

Stepping into the shoes of the franchises’ big screen actors, the comedians recreated to the tee an almost carbon copy of the Furious 7 trailer.

However, you won’t find houses being blown up here, but tractors – and the cars aren’t as smooth and flashy as the ones seen in Furious 7, but they seem to get the job done.

Since being posted to Cyber Marian’s YouTube channel on Thursday, the video, which is titled “BRZYDCY i WŚCIEKLI – Fast and Furious 7 parody,” has gone viral and racked up over a million views on the site.

The Furious 7 had the most successful opening weekend of the franchise, with the highest-grossing kickoff for any of the movies in the series.

Here’s the official Furious 7 trailer for comparison.

[Image via Capital FM]