Zayn Malik A Bad Influence On Girlfriend’s Music — Sony Says

Zayn Malik’s name has been linked to a lot of bad news lately, and quitting One Direction is continuing to snowball bad press for Zayn. It is obvious that Zayn Malik quit the band in order to be closer to his girlfriend — but it looks like no one wants Zayn Malik to get closer to her right now.

This is only one instance where bad luck has followed Zayn Malik since he parted with One Direction. For example, Hollywood Life cites that the end of Zayn Malik’s career with One Direction indadvertedly led to a fight between Zayn Malik’s best friend and new producer. The scandal between Naughty Boy and Zayn Malik’s BFF, Louis Tomlinson, seems like it will never end at this point — and it puts Zayn Malik in the hot seat.

On the other hand, as previously published by the Inquisitr, Zayn Malik was told indirectly by Liam Payne during their April 4 Dubai concert that he and Zayn were okay.

While things may be going well after the One Direction breakup between the individual members of the band — Zayn Malik is being accused of having too much time on his hands.

In particular, the Daily Star U.K. states that insiders told them that Zayn Malik is having his hands slapped behind the scenes in relation to his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards. Is this warranted? After all, rumors are currently flying around that their March 30 trip to France was so they could get married.

Perrie Edwards is part of a band called Little Mix and is signed with Sony. According to the Daily Star U.K., “There are some at Sony and in the Little Mix camp who are worried lovesick Zayn Malik will become a Little Mix groupie now he has so much spare time on his hands.”

Zayn Malik’s last tweet in March declared his love for Perrie Edwards, and it was obvious he was trying to make things right with her. There were even rumors emerging that Zayn Malik was trying to marry her as soon as possible once he quit One Direction.

A source told Hollywood Life, “Zayn is going to get married sooner rather than later because he’s scared and lonely.”

Sadly, it appears that the Daily Star U.K.‘s insider source thinks that Zayn Malik is smothering her — and it is starting to become an issue with her record label. “Zayn may be out of One Direction’s day to day lives but now Sony is worried he could unintentionally cause problems within Little Mix.”

The source goes on to say, “The last thing Little Mix need now is distractions. The next 12 months are crucial for their continued development from U.K. girl group to international stars. Meanwhile, Zayn has no immediate plans to launch a solo career despite a deal being laid on the table by Syco.”

So while Little Mix is launching into overtime mode, the source close to the couple says, “Zayn Malik wants to take time out to relax. The last thing he’s thinking about now is getting ready to release new music.”

Since Zayn Malik only seems to be lounging about with his pal and new producer, Naughty Boy, sources close to Perrie Edwards are worried he is going to tank her career-mode by being a distraction. Furthermore, the source to the Daily Star U.K. states, “Zayn has told Perrie he wants to prove his love by spending a lot of time with her but they are worried he will become like a groupie for them.”

In fact, Perrie Edwards is being directly distracted by Zayn Malik because the pair took off around March 30 to go on vacation. The International Business Times reports, “Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik and his fiancee Perrie Edwards have jetted out of the UK with reports suggesting the couple are on a make-or-break holiday…. Directioners and fans of the Little Mix songstress have flooded Twitter with speculation that Malik, 22, and Edwards, 21, are in Cannes, France, to marry secretly.”

About the same trip, the Daily Mail U.K. states a couple of days later on April 2 that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, “put on a loved-up display at Nice airport in the south of France…. Making their way out of their car and grabbing their luggage, 22-year-old Zayn Malik was seen tenderly resting his hand on Perrie’s back.”

So we can assume that things between Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik are going well — much to the chagrin of those close to her music career?

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