‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Gamers Have Killed Over 2.5 Billion Zombies

It appears it was smart to include a zombies mode in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The last COD game went away from the undead and instead brought in an alien invasion. For Advanced Warfare, the flesh eaters are back and better than ever. Players are loving being able to take on zombies again at a rate that even the game’s developers couldn’t have seen coming.

According to GameSpot, Sledgehammer games announced late last week that that gamers had killed more than 2,591,920,137 zombies in Advanced Warfare‘s DLC that allows gamers to take on the undead that are actually wearing body armor. Considering that the Ascendance DLC which brought the zombies to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare didn’t release until well after the game was out on the shelves, the number is truly impressive.

More impressive numbers that were released in a new infographic from Sledgehammer was that Advanced Warfare gamers have tossed about 2,249,728,574 grenades. Yes, you’re reading that right. Advanced Warfare players have thrown more than 2.5 trillion grenades at the enemy. The developer even had a breakdown of what kind of grenades were getting used the most in Advanced Warfare. Regular frag grenades made up 44 percent of those thrown in Advanced Warfare. Centex Grenades make up another 35 percent.

Sledgehammer seems to be taking great joy in tracking a number of obscure statistics inside the game. There are even numbers out there for the number of times a player has used the boost jump. As of the release of the infographic, that number was more than 105 trillion times. Sledgehammer even broke it down to equal enough boost jumps to circle the earth 14,000 times.

COD Infographic

The full inforgraphic actually lays out a ton of other interesting stats that most gamers would probably never even think about looking into. Facts such as what weapons are the most popular, which Exo suit abilities have been used the most, and a ton of other things that all make the newest Call of Duty one of the most popular of the last few years.

Whether it’s Sledgehammer or the PS4 and Xbox One breathing new life into the series, there is definitely new life. Perhaps it really is as simple as bringing back the undead in order to get people excited about the game again. Whatever the reason, check out Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare infographic and see how many players are playing the game like you are.