Popular Instagram Photo: Mark Wahlberg Visits Manny Pacquiao In Preparation For May 2 Fight

The latest celebrity to appear in a viral Instagram photo is Mark Wahlberg, who showed up in an image on the Instagram account of , with the picture quickly going viral after it was posted on April 4. Having received more than 94,900 likes and more than 1,700 comments, the photo of Wahlberg and Pacquiao has proven more popular than some of the other images on Manny’s Instagram page. In the description, Pacquiao explains the reason for Mark’s visit and gives thanks as well.

“Thank you Mark Wahlberg for coming to visit me and supporting me at training in preparation for May 2nd. Thank you Lord.”

The fact that Wahlberg paid Pacquiao a visit, according to CBS Sports, means one more famous person has joined in the public show of support for Manny. Previously, Tim Tebow visited Pacquiao’s camp in March in order to lend his support to the boxer. With Saturday’s visit on April 4 from Wahlberg at Pacquiao’s training location at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Los Angeles, the celebrity has made it pretty clear who his money is on for the upcoming long-awaited battle.

Wahlberg is no stranger to athletics, with Mark describing an amazing workout routine, as reported by the New Zealand Herald, which details how Mark has his hotel rooms converted to virtual gyms when he is filming a movie so that he can fit in his middle-of-the-night workouts. The star of movies like The Fighter, Wahlberg wakes around 2:30 a.m. and exercises from approximately 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. with only a 10 second break. Then Mark reportedly plays two-on-two basketball for about an hour, and continues the exercise regimen at what some would assume were punishing extents to remain in great shape. Eating chicken and veggies to help build his strength, Mark’s workouts also include performing about 500 sit-ups per day in his trailer to keep those legendary abs nice and chiseled.

While Manny and Mark hung out, Floyd Mayweather was busy holding a weight with his head, reports the Daily Mail‎. In those photos, Floyd can be seen with a contraption strapped to his head with a large weight dangling from the straps.

The Twitter account of Floyd also shows a variety of photos and Vine videos that display Mayweather sparing and getting in better shape with his own boxing routines.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Mayweather has worse betting odds in Las Vegas than Pacquiao.

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