Rapper DMX Stole $3,200 At Gunpoint From A Hip-Hop Fan, 21-Year-Old Man Alleges

The most recent occurrence of rapper DMX appearing on the big screen was a memorable scene in Chris Rock’s Top Five movie, wherein DMX portrayed a man in jail who sang an unlikely rendition of the song that urges folks to “smile, though your heart is breaking.” According to PIX11, DMX and members of his entourage may find themselves in jail in real life, because Newark cops are looking into reports from a 21-year-old man who claims that DMX and other members of his clique robbed him at gunpoint in the early morning hours of April 5.

According to the Newark resident who claims he was a victim of theft, it was around 12:30 a.m. ET on Sunday when DMX and other members of his crew came to an Exxon gas station in the 600 block of U.S. 21. Initially engaging in a conversation about hip hop music with the popular rapper, the victim claims he was soon staring down the barrel of a handgun and turning over $3,200 in cash — a tidy sum that he claims DMX literally snatched out of his hands.

The New Jersey man claims DMX fled the scene of the robbery in one of the four black Escalades that DMX’s group arrived at the gas station within, reports the New York Daily News‎. The quick-thinking 21-year-old departed from the Newark gas station and followed the SUVs long enough to get a license plate number in order to report it to the police.

DMX was schedule to perform in Newark on Saturday night at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and the shows him headlining a show that featured rap legends like Mobb Deep, Rakim, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick and Kid Capri. DMX’s Twitter account also posted a shout-out to the Garden State.

Jersey!!!!! Thank You!! For real Thank You!!!!!

Next, DMX retweeted a planned appearance, originally posted on the Twitter account of , promoting a potential appearance on April 8 at the Belasco Theater, called “downtown Los Angeles’ newest premier entertainment and nightlife destination.”

It’s going down 4/8! Don’t miss + The Lox (, , )

While no criminal charges have yet been filed regarding the DMX alleged robbery, the investigation is ongoing — and the Newark police are asking folks who know anything about the crime to contact their 24-hour CRIME STOPPERS TIP LINE at 877-NWK-TIPS (877-695-8477) or 877-NWK-GUNS (877-695-4867).

As reported by the Inquisitr, DMX and Jay-Z’s classic freestyle recently went viral again.

[Image via Pix11]