November 7, 2017
Cavaliers' J.R. Smith Beats Halftime Buzzer With Ridiculous 40-foot Shot [Video]

Since being traded by the New York Knicks in January, J.R. Smith is having a pretty smooth season.

Smith pulled off an incredible 40-foot shot during the first half of the game against the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, and dropped six of eight three-pointers, which helped to bring the Cleveland Cavaliers to a nine-point lead.

With little more than two seconds remaining in the first half, LeBron James fed Smith the inbounds pass around half court. Smith then grabbed the pass, built some momentum and heaved a half court shot as he fell out of bounds.

Into the break, the Cleveland Cavaliers took a 54-45 lead.

Cavalier guard, Kyrie Irving, pulled a similar insane buzzer-beater shot when he got the ball off an inbounds pass and hit an awesome fade-away three-pointer as the first quarter of the game came to an end.

The game ended with Cleveland topping the Bulls 99-94.

[Image via ESPN]