Amanda Seyfried Shows Some Acting Prowess In Thrilling ‘Gone’

Remember that sweet, blue-eyed girl in “Mama Mia” and “Dear John”? Amanda Seyfried shows a very different side for her role in her latest movie “Gone.”

In Gone, which hit theaters on Friday, Feb. 24, Seyfried stars as Jill Conway, a woman suffering from extreme anxiety after allegedly being abducted and thrown down a hole somewhere in one of Oregon’s forests.

“I based this character on my sister because she tends to be a little more sensitive,” Seyfried explained to Hollywood Reporter. “Where as I’m anxious, she is more on the depressive side of things. I feel like to get that balance you actually had to be strong.”

Seyfried’s Jill is still clearly haunted by what she claims happened to her, and when her sister is taken, she is determined to find the kidnapper and save her sister.

However, it’s unclear if Jill was really kidnapped, or if the whole thing is in her head. The Portland police, who never found any evidence that Jill was kidnapped, don’t believe her story. When Jill runs to the police for help when her sister goes missing, her cries fall on deaf ears.

“She’s a little off at times and that’s where the audience is meant to kind of be misdirected a little bit and question her credibility,” Seyfried, 26, said. “It really works, this kind of character, it’s so not me, so that was fun, but I had the liberty to kind of create some extra things around her.”

Amanda Seyfried talks more about her role in Gone in the video clip below:

Are you a fan of Amanda Seyfried’s movies? Are you planning on catching Gone in the theaters or will you wait till it hits DVD?

Check out the trailer for the film below: