Toddlers ‘Pushed And Trampled’ By Adults During World Record Easter Egg Hunt Attempt

Horrified parents watched as toddlers were “pushed and trampled” by adults during a massive Sacramento Easter egg hunt. The hunt was an attempt at breaking the World Record for largest Easter egg hunt; however, it seems organizers failed to beat the record during all the chaos that ensued.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the massive Easter egg hunt took place at the Capitol building on the Capitol Mall grass. However, the scene turned ugly when families say chaos broke out that resulted in children getting trampled by adults and older children. The egg hunt featured 510,000 eggs and hordes of children. Instead of enjoying the day with their children and snapping photos of their cuties in their Easter clothes, the egg hunt turned into a melee with parents, kids and children rushing to collect the most plastic eggs.

The scores of children descended upon the field of eggs with fury as they shoved and pushed their way to the eggs. Parents say that toddlers were “pushed and trampled” by older children and adults with many breaking down in tears. One egg hunter said it was “ridiculous”. Parents were seen pushing other children out of the way. If the shoving, fighting and trampling wasn’t enough, witnesses say that parents were also seen arguing over who should or should not be allowed on the grass during the hunt.

It seems that chaos broke out after children began to prematurely collect the prized eggs. Parents then began to argue which resulted in scores of complaints to organizers of the event, Blue Heart which is a nonprofit organization that focuses on stopping human trafficking. Organizers says they were working on the “honor system” and that they couldn’t control the behavior of those who didn’t follow rules by prematurely bagging the eggs.

A number of participants say they left early because the scene was getting so chaotic. Apparently after the hunt a screaming match broke out between parents over the plastic eggs. For those wondering if the World Record was broken at the Easter egg event, the organizers failed to meet the deadline so the event did not officially break the record.

Did you attend a public Easter egg hunt this year? Did you witness this type of behavior?