Did J-Lo Have a Nip Slip? Lopez Says There Was No Wardrobe Malfunction [Video]

Twitter has been blowing up all night with stories of how Jennifer Lopez had a wardrobe malfunction at the 84th Academy Awards. The singer and actress who wore a very tight dress with a plunging neckline is rumored to have let a bit more of her “assets” come out during her presentation with Cameron Diaz.

Labeled the J-Lo Nip Slip of 2012 there were reports all night long that for a brief second a part of J-lo’s aureola may have been showing while she was presenting an award. Thousands of Twitter Tweets have been lighting up the online world.

Lopez herself said there was no wardrobe malfunction and the bra she was wearing made it impossible for her to even have the “Nip SLip” in the first place.

Now joining Angelina Jolie’s leg for “Most Talked About Body Part” of the evening, Jennifer Lopez’s nipple and Jolie’s leg both have their own twitter accounts.

@jlosnipple tweeted that she had “Finally seen the light” and that she had to come out because she couldn’t breathe.

It could have been a lot worse though. Most people recall the 2004 Super Bowl where Janet Jackson had a famous “Wardrobe Malfunction and flashed her complete breast to one of the largest television audiences in the world.

This isn’t the first time J-lo’s nipple has seen the light of day. While doing a show in Germany her entire breast popped out giving the audience a lot more than they paid for. She also took a tumble at an award show once.

Do you think that people should make such a big deal of whether Jennifer Lopez‘s breast came out during an award presentation for two seconds?

Watch the video and judge for yourself, did J-Lo’s Nip Slip?