‘Honest Trailer’ Breaks Down ‘Interstellar,’ A World Without Okra [Spoilers]

Christopher Nolan is known for complicated ideas and storylines, but for some movie-goers, Interstellar was just too much. For all you who said this movie didn’t make sense, only to receive a science lecture from a know-it-all friend, Honest Trailer is here to justify your complaints.

You might have asked yourself some important questions during Interstellar, like did Cooper just type gravitational data into a wrist-watch from the middle of a man-made black hole that projected him behind the bookshelf in his former house to his daughter in the past, so she could solve a really hard equation and make a big chunk of the Earth blast off into space, and then shortly afterwards get sucked through a wormhole only to be rescued with a couple minutes of oxygen remaining?


It’s that kind of convoluted storyline that makes Interstellar perfect fodder for Honest Trailers, the YouTube series from Screen Junkies that shows movies for what they really are.

The trailer really makes you think, “poor Tom.” As Cinema Blend points out, Tom, Cooper’s son in case you completely forgot that name and character, is quickly becomes a spare character while Murph gets all the attention.

Of course, it doesn’t help that he’s just a farmer in a world that has just run out of Okra.

Slate also appreciated the compilation of McConaughey shouting “Murph!” throughout the film.

Despite the movie’s flaws, at least Interstellar got the science right. Even Neil deGrasse Tyson said it was accurate, for the most part.

What’s up next for Christopher Nolan?

After Interstellar the sky’s the limit for the director, he’s still got that free pass from The Dark Knight. Read more about his future plans here.

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