Iggy Azalea: Are Fans Tweeting ‘Pretty Girls’ Future Video Footage?

I have this theory that March 30 contained many signs about the upcoming collaboration release from Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears. In the meantime, the headlines have been bumping with news of Iggy Azalea getting ready to become an actress and getting explained by a ghostwriter.

However, March 30 contained a couple of Iggy Azalea-related events that could be just a coincidence — but what if they are not?

The first March 30 incident starts with reports that Iggy Azalea has finished a solo collaboration with Britney Spears. About the upcoming release, Iggy Azalea said the following.

“It was such a journey, that song. I got asked and it was her song, and then she didn’t think she would have her album done in time, and then I rewrote parts of it and it became my song, and I tried to make it all mine and keep it. Then she said, ‘No, no, I am going to take it, my album is ready.’ [sic]”

Iggy Azalea says the song is done — but allegedly will not be released for a couple of months. Yeah right! I do not believe that they will hold off until May 5 to release the song. Instead, I think this Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears duet is ripe for a pre-release drop — complete with a video.

The reason I say that is that on March 30 (the day the solo track duet with Britney was announced as finished), Iggy Azalea’s Twitter feed was suddenly activated to get a long list of females to act silly on video. Iggy Azalea wrote, “#Azaleans Post a video of you and your best friend lip syncing #Trouble! The best ones will get a retweet. GO!”

Oh really? It’s important to have you and your best friend singing together for Iggy Azalea? I suspect there is a good reason that Iggy Azalea is asking for this from fans.

For more clues to support this theory, consider this: In a recent interview with MTV on March 30, Iggy Azalea said that the song she will be doing with Britney Spears is called “Pretty Girls.” Iggy Azalea hinted to MTV that there were “epic plans underway” in relationship to the Britney Spears duet.

This is especially interesting since Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears have become close as friends. Iggy Azalea stated the following.

“She’s super nice. She came to my house and had lunch and I didn’t know what to expect, and we actually really got along. I’ve been texting her, annoying her with all my ideas for the video and she’s been a really good sport about it, so I’m really excited.”

Hmm…. developing ideas for the video… becoming good friends with Britney Spears… and then asking Iggy Azalea fans for BFF-related video footage the same day? Don’t mind me, I am just the person over here freaking out over the fact that this could all coalesce into a fan-based, BFF-themed, “Pretty Girls” video from Britney and Iggy Azalea in the near future.

Is anyone else feeling like a fan-inspired video for “Pretty Girls” might be in the works based on fan-submitted videos on Iggy Azalea’s Twitter account long before the May 5 official album release date from Britney Spears?

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