Kylie Jenner Instagram Belfie: 17-Year-Old Posts Butt Selfie On Instagram Amid Blackface Controversy

Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to post a “belfie,” or butt selfie of herself. The 17-year-old was accused of using blackface in her new photo shoot, which is rumored to be for Cartier. Instead of apologizing or addressing the issue, she shared a new selfie in place of the photo she later removed on the photo sharing app. Kylie shared a mirror selfie of ample backside. Now some outlets are saying that Kylie’s taking cultural appropriation to a whole new low.

M Starz shared the photo of Jenner’s latest selfie, which some would call a “butt selfie.” In the photo, the youngest Jenner poses in front of a mirror as she shows off her backside. The teen wears a black cropped sweater with a black pencil skirt that displays her curvaceous figure. Jenner is also wearing long black hair extensions, long white nails, and several bangle bracelets. Her older sister, Kim Kardashian, is typically the one who’s notorious for posting butt selfies of herself on Instagram.


Kylie made her appear black-and-white with the monochrome filter, as noted by The Mirror. It’s as if she wanted her new belfie to appear mature and sexy to her followers. She shared the photo with her Instagram followers. The photo came quickly after Kylie shared a controversial photo from an upcoming photo shoot where she was accused of using blackface by outraged Instagram and Twitter users.

The photo shows Jenner rocking a sparkly and bronzed face with dark purple hair. What’s worse is that the photo was darkened to make it look as if Jenner’s skin was darker, as well. Fans were accusing the reality star of culture appropriation and using blackface in the photo shoot.


Kylie took the controversial blackface photo one step further by adding the following caption: “What I wish I looked like all the time thank you @marcelocantu.” Some fans assumed she said she wished she looked like a black person all the time. Kylie quickly removed the photo after seeing that her name was trending on Twitter. She took to the social networking site to respond to the blackface controversy: “This is black light and neon lights people let’s all calm down.”

Now, it looks like Kylie’s taking it to a new low by taking a belfie of herself. Some fans even slammed her recent photo by saying that she’s appropriating black culture by having bigger lips and an even bigger backside. After all, her Instagram username is called “Kylizzle.” What are your thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s new look? Do you think she’s appropriating black culture by wanting a big pout and a big butt?

[Images: Kylie Jenner via Instagram]