Gay Men Lust Over Trevor Noah: Watch Out, James Franco

Trevor Noah may be in trouble over offensive tweets from his past, but that hasn’t stopped gay men from lusting over him like a dog lusts over a bone. In fact, Trevor Noah may challenge James Franco for the straight man who gay men lust the most. Gay men on Twitter apparently could care less about Noah’s offensive past.

Commenters on a story about Trevor Noah at gay blog Joe My God are also in awe of the future The Daily Show star.

“Not only is he extremely good looking, but he’s as funny as can be,” writes poster grada3784.

“He’s funny, handsome, has great presence, and uncut I bet,” writes poster Hany Baal.

Commenters on the gay-oriented site Towleroad were just as impressed.

“He’s definitely easy on the eyes,” writes poster Mike In The Tundra.

“Oh my god, who cares if Trevor is talented or not. HE IS HOT! His perfectly sculpted looks will have me watching every night. I can’t stop fantasizing about Trevor. Mixed race men are usually beautiful, but Trevor takes it to a new level,” writes poster TrevorIsHot.

Despite the controversy over tweets some people consider offensive, Trevor Noah has his share of supporters. According to E! News, Daily Show alumni Olivia Munn is cheering on Trevor Noah.

“The biggest thing is that he just goes with his instinct. He’s so naturally funny [and] he’s so smart. So I think the biggest thing is for him is to just go with his gut, He’s got this far, and they clearly believe in him. So you know, don’t let any haters stop you. Just keep going.”

However, Brian Logan of the Guardian wasn’t as forgiving on Trevor Noah‘s Twitter jokes.

“Yes, we need comedians as canaries in the mine, testing on our behalf what’s funny and what’s beyond the pale; what’s palatable, what’s not and why. When they’re doing that, the ‘hey, it’s just a joke’ defense has traction. But that doesn’t mean comedians can say whatever they please, whenever they like, funny or not, and take no responsibility for any of it.”

Howard Kurtz from Fox News understands Trevor Noah’s humor, but thinks he may not be suited for The Daily Show.

“But Noah, of course, won’t just be doing standup at some Johannesburg joint. Perhaps because the bigger names (John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Larry Wilmore) weren’t interested or available, he is taking over what’s become an important American cultural franchise.”

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images]