University Graduate Who Has Applied For 500 Jobs In 13 Years Never Had One Interview

A man from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, who has a degree in geography, has reportedly been job-hunting for over 13 years, having applied for more than 500 jobs and never even having one interview.

Huw Davies, who has been actively looking for a job since he graduated over a decade ago from the University of Glamorgan, spoke about his frustration regarding the situation he finds himself in.

He said to reporters, “My family and friends find it incredible that I am willing to work and have qualifications but I can’t find work.”

Having applied for positions in the environmental and town planning spheres, Davies just doesn’t seem to have any luck.

He said, “There are people in South Wales who aren’t interested in finding jobs, they are just happy to claim benefits. Coming from Merthyr, you have a generation of families who have never worked. Then you have got people like me who are willing to work but what can I do?”

Davies added that he isn’t the only one who doesn’t understand why he has never been able to secure an interview for a serious position, let alone a full-time job.

“It’s unbelievable and no-one can understand it. Everyone I’ve spoken to – people in business, the job centre, my friends and family just don’t know why I don’t even get interviews. The sheer fact I have moved three times to work should imply I am eager to work. It’s hard to blame anyone without being able to put my finger on the issue in the first place.”

Davies likes to keep busy, despite his lack of income, and has written three books of poetry and is working on his second novel.

Speaking about how employable he thinks he is, Davies said, “I drive, I am willing to travel a decent distance. I have the will, I have the drive. I would understand if I had bad interview technique but I am not even getting calls back. My CV has been redone by three or four different people. All my friends are fine. They cannot believe it. They say I must be the most unfortunate person.”

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