Charlotte McKinney Photoshoot: Eliminated 'DWTS' Contestant Poses Topless, Shares Bikini Snap

Although her time on the coveted show Dancing With the Stars ended with an early departure, Charlotte McKinney has returned to her wheelhouse: modeling. The DWTS alumna, known for her racy Super Bowl 49 ad, shared a pic on Instagram of a topless photoshoot, per a Daily Mail news report. And for an added bonus, Charlotte posted a picture of her in a skimpy bikini.

Many know the 22-year-old model and aspiring actress from her short run with the popular dance show and the infamous swipe a beloved judge took at her ahead of her elimination this season. However, others know Charlotte from the controversial Carl's Jr. commercial where she appeared to be sauntering in public totally nude, topless to some. If this doesn't ring a bell, here's a spoiler: McKinney was fully clothed, and viewers were duped by the powers of suggestion -- by way of cunning camera trickery.

After her blonde-shaming -- as some refer to Bruno's swipe using the stereotype -- moment ("Listen my darling you're never going to win the Nobel Prize for Quantum Physics, but you are easy on the eye") upon on the day of her departure from Dancing With the Stars, Charlotte McKinney reminded fans of how she suddenly became relevant, and her assets said it all.

The charming buxom model, who fashion prognosticators hailed as the up and coming Kate Upton for her bounty of boobs, shared images from a previous photoshoot with The Hundreds (social merchandising company: fashion wear and online magazine). The black and white picture, shot on a yacht, shows McKinney topless and wearing only striped pants.

The swimsuit beauty poses with her back elongated and her hands cupped firmly around her breasts, but it leaves much to the imagination. Her hair is fashionably styled in a messy manner, and her face is dolled up, compliments of Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Nia Hicks. Charlotte looks delightful, to say the least.

Charlotte McKinney also posted another photoshoot snap that is easy on the eyes. Here, in this image, the blonde beauty poses in stringy bikini and shows why, arguably, she has the goods to stand up against the best of names. And in 2012, she posed seductively in another black and white image -- this time in her birthday suit.

McKinney recently revealed her secrets to staying healthy and fit. According to the DWTS cast-off, she practices clean eating, except on Sunday when she haves a "cheat" meal and adheres to an exercise regimen. To Charlotte, working out is not a chore; it's a hobby.

Meanwhile, it appears that -- based on the headlines and social chatter -- the controversy about her exit from the show is dying down. Several of her fans applaud Charlotte for moving on and getting back to what she does best: showcasing her amazing figure in photoshoots. As far as the shot Bruno took at her is concerned, McKinney likened it to being bullied.

"I just believe it was super uncalled for," she told them. "Especially after last week with the bullying and talking about just being nice and I didn't see where it came from. We weren't talking about being smart or anything like that. So it was just uncalled for."

An outcry from the public ensued over the harsh remarks to the ousted dance contestant. On the other side, her partner blames Charlotte for being kicked off; he said she was not dialed in. He expressed his dismay for her allegedly spending more time on the phone booking modeling gigs instead of focusing on rehearsals.

What do you think of Charlotte McKinney's topless photoshoot posted on her Instagram account this week?

[Photo by: Instagram]