Apple iPhone 6 VS. Samsung Galaxy S6: Do They Bend Under The Same Pressure? [Video]

Apple and Samsung are two brands with their own set of diehard fans, especially when it comes to their phones. These champions in the market are huge competitors and both recently came out with number six in their popular series of smartphones – the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge.

The iPhone 6 Plus is technically a phablet, and as such, has a bigger surface area and is slightly less comfortable to handle than the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge, but each feature has its own appeal.

The display qualities are almost on par in terms of clarity, with the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge and its HD display just edging out the LCD clarity offered by the iPhone 6 Plus.

While the iPhone 6 uses IOS 8, the Samsung Galaxy is in the android lollipop platform. But their differences don’t end there – as physically, the aluminium body of the iPhone 6 Plus tends to stand up to abuse better than the shiny, reflective glass surface of the Galaxy 6 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6

A major concern with the iPhone 6 after its release last year, was the ability for the phone to bend.

And social media had a field day when the phones started bending, hence the #bendgate hashtag was born.

SquareTrade tested the limits then; and now that the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge has been released, they have rolled out an all new bot to do the honors and compare the two, along with the HTC One M9.

The video shows that the iPhone 6 Plus bent after 110 lbs of pressure and reached utter uselessness after 179 lbs of pressure.

The HTC lasted until 120 lbs of pressure before it bent, but sadly that’s as far as it went entirely. The power button, being located in the center of the phone was useless after the bending point was reached and as such the phone could not be turned on or off.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bent at 110 lbs of applied pressure, but with a twist; the glass edge of the screen cracked at its bending point. However, it still worked, and “complete catastrophic failure” was not reached until 149 lbs of pressure were applied.

So in the end, while there’s no need to start crying #bendgate 2, there is still one major issue hand. While both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge hold up very well under pressure, the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge users will be dealing with not just a bent phone, but also pockets full of broken glass.

[Image via SquareTrade/YouTube]