Cake Farting is the new 2 Girls, 1 Cup

The internet loves bizarre, and often disgusting memes. 2 girls, 1 cup took the online world by storm last year, and spawned an even bigger industry in reaction videos. The meme spread so far that even Hollywood actors were asked about it.

Since 2 girls, 1 cup passed out of favor, nothing has really come along to replace it. Until now. Cake farting, also known as fartcake, looks set to be the new 2 girls, 1 cup.

Already the first reaction videos have appeared and there’s plenty of sites writing about it. It’s (not surprisingly) NSFW, and we won’t link to it either, although if a naked chick, a cake, and flatulence is your thing, Google it.

One reaction video below. Note on the embed: the visuals are safe for work, but the audio isn’t (well, presuming fart noises aren’t appropriate for a workplace).

(via Fulltimecasual)