Enchanting Spring Beauty Trends Inspired By ‘Disney’s Cinderella’ (2015) [Video]

This season’s spring beauty trends are all about Cinderella. Disney’s Cinderella (2015) is taking the fashion world by storm this spring. From runways to city sidewalks, enchanting Princess Cinderella inspired looks are stepping out in a fantastic way.

The Washington Post notes that more than any other Disney franchise, with the recent release and marketing of Cinderella (2015), Disney has its eyes on not only children, but on women as style savvy Cinderella fashion and spring beauty merchandise consumers.

The Cinderella-inspired colors of spring beauty include blues, blue and more blues. Also in the Cinderella spring beauty palette are gold tones, silvers, emerald, and burgundy. Eyes are sky blue and lips are a matte cherry wine. Sparkles and glowing powders are more popular this spring than ever before for creating the magical look of fantastic beauty.

M.A.C cosmetics has put together a gorgeous Cinderella spring make up collection designed to recreate the various looks that actress Lily James wore so beautifully as Princess Cinderella in the spring 2015 Disney movie.

Intrepid 19-year-old Jackie Wyers of Canada has a very successful YouTube beauty channel and she has put together two videos showcasing the M.A.C. Cinderella collection and offering her insightful spring beauty tips. This is her Prom Makeup Tutorial using the M.A.C. Cinderella collection. Jackie shows step-by-step how to get the make up looks of this spring, and she offers a list of drugstore cosmetic dupes that will also showcase the spring 2015 Cinderella look.

The Telegraph of the U.K. noted in a photo gallery article that Lily James has “spent the month of March living her own fashion fairytale” promoting the new Disney movie, and modeling her own best 2015 spring beauty looks. That’s an embroidered clutch purse Lily James is holding, and no doubt the embroidered book clutch will be a popular spring beauty wardrobe essential.


(Photo via Instagram/ LilyJamesOfficial.)

The must-have beauty item this spring for those who can afford it is the glass slipper itself made to order by Saks Fifth Avenue, for an astounding $4,595. Disney has nine different designers working on versions of the glass slipper for sale in shops around the world this spring and summer.


(Photo via Telegraph.)

According to Entertainment Tonight, “Two hundred seventy yards of fabric and 10,000 Swarovski crystals made up Cinderella’s ball gown, created by costume designer Sandy Powell.” Lily James recently spoke to Time about how she felt the magic of the dress during the making of the film.

“The best, which outweighs everything else, was in that blue gown—I felt completely transformed. And that’s what fairy tales are all about: transformation. When I put that dress on, I felt like I could be a princess.”

James had mixed reviews for the corset.

“With corsets, it’s interesting when you put them on, realizing that’s what women actually wore—that’s what they wore every day, and they’re just so constricting. I’m not surprised they ditched those corsets! In the blue dress it was particularly tight. On the one hand, it helps in the way you stand and the way you move, but on the other hand, it takes your breath right up into your chest.”

Corset expert, Autumn Adamme of Dark Garden Unique Corsetry, spoke with the Examiner to share her spring beauty tips and dispelled some myths about corsets.

“I could go on for days about the joys and wonders of corsets, or compare them to any number of fads, but I’ll leave it with this: Corsets have a bad reputation because there are a lot of poorly made corsets in the world, and anything done to an extreme can be bad – but a lovingly and knowledgeably made corset is like a pretty back-brace, and can do wonders for your self-confidence.”

Corset sales are indeed on the rise since Cinderella (2015) and many people do find the stabilizing boning of the corset provides excellent back support when they are fitted properly. According to Bloomberg Business sales of corsets are up 50 percent. The corset is back in the closets for the spring beauty look of 2015.

[Photo courtesy of Disney]