Police Arrest Suspect After Human Remains Found In Duffel Bag

Police in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have announced the apprehension of a suspect responsible for discarding a duffel bag full of human remains nearly two blocks from the police station. Video surveillance of the area led to the discovery of the suspect and allowed police officials to retrace the suspect’s steps to a nearby apartment complex. According to officials, the identity of the remains are known, yet the name is being withheld until the family is properly notified. The suspect’s name is currently being withheld, as well, until he or she is properly arraigned.

The discovery of human remains in a duffel bag is just one of three similar, although unrelated, cases since January. The first occurred in San Francisco when human remains were discovered in a suitcase, the next occurred in Queens under similar circumstances, and now the case in Cambridge. According to CNN, the Cambridge duffel bag was discarded in a common area of an apartment building, which is located nearby the local police station. A bystander called the police department after the duffel was noticed on Saturday morning. Worried it may be a bomb of some sort, the bystander promptly reported the bag.

Upon arrival, police were suspicious of the duffel bag and carefully approached it. When confident that the contents were not dangerous, they opened it to find the gruesome discovery of human remains. District Attorney Marian Ryan revealed that the victim has been identified, and it is believed the bag contained only one body.

Commissioner Robert Haas stated that the evidence points to a purposeful act of murder, and not a random killing.

“We’re confident that this was not a random act and there is no threat to the public’s safety as a suspect has been taken into custody.”

The Boston Globe reported that police quickly reviewed video cameras in the area and used the footage to identify the description of the suspect, as well as retrace his or her steps to the apartment complex where an arrest was made.

The area receives heavy foot traffic due to its proximity to MIT. Resident Betty Pereira shared that the area is typically quiet and has only recently become heavily traveled due to the insurgence of Biogen, a biotech firm.

“I’m really shocked about the whole thing. Everyone says something like this would never happen in my neighborhood.”

The name and gender of the suspect are expected to be released after Monday’s arraignment. It is unknown when the victim’s identity will be announced.

[Photo Courtesy: My Fox Boston]