Happy Easter: Watch Little Girl Eating Chocolate For The Very First Time After Kidney Donation

Little Hannah Phillips spent the first seven years of her life unable to eat chocolate or other treats while she awaited a kidney transplant. A donated kidney has now made all the difference in this little girl’s life as she tucks into her very first Easter egg, giggling and smacking her lips.

From the age of 2, Hannah was on a chocolate ban. In fact, her diet was so strict that she was not allowed any kind of processed food at all and needed to have dialysis four times a week.

Now that she has had the transplant and can finally eat whatever she likes, the Sunday Mirror made sure she had a happy Easter, as they delivered a large chocolate egg to her bed in the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.

As they gave the tasty egg to her, Hannah shouted, “I can’t wait!” which was very shortly followed by the words, “Mmmm — it’s yummy” as she finally got stuck in.

Hannah’s mom, Rachael, is thrilled. She says the new kidney will finally given her the childhood she never had as well as having a really happy Easter.

“It’s been such a long wait after years on dialysis so it’s great she finally has the chance to have a proper childhood. She deserves it.

“Being able to eat chocolate is such a small thing but it’s a great reward for all that she has been through. She’s so much happier for being able to eat what she wants.”

The reason for needing the transplant was that Hannah, who hails from Colwyn Bay in Conwy, Wales, was diagnosed with a rare kidney condition, nephrotic syndrome, when she was only 2-years-old.

According to the Wales Daily Post, this caused a kidney disease called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), meaning that some sections of her kidney filters were scarred. This stopped the kidneys from being able to filter waste from the blood as they would normally do, leading to kidney failure.

She had to have both kidneys removed at that time and has been living without ever since, going through dialysis on a regular basis.

Finally Hannah’s parents, Rachael, 26, and Paul, 34, got the call they had been longing for, and she had the transplant operation in January of this year.

Apparently, she is not completely out of the woods yet, as the disease is now starting to affect the donor organ. However, her mother says the new kidney is “doing okay.”

Rachael said that the donated kidney is on her left side and they apparently don’t want to know who the donor is.

“Hannah will still need full-time looking after due to being on plasma five days a week and taking chemotherapy drugs.”

One thing is for sure, after everything she has gone through, this is one little girl who had a very happy Easter, as she tucked into all that glorious chocolate!

Happy Easter

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[Image: Screengrab from Sunday Mirror video]