Pauline Hanson Claims Halal Meat Is A ‘Money-Making Racket Which Funds Terrorism’

Pauline Hanson, the leader of the One Nation organization in Australia, spoke in no uncertain terms against Halal meat on the Today show, stating that halal certification is a “profit, money-making racket. She claimed her comments were about “criticism, not racism.”

According to Hanson, when it comes to Halal, “It’s a profit, money-making racket and has been connected with the Muslim Brotherhood in France. Why can’t we have an investigation into where the money actually goes?”

Hanson made it clear in the interview that a full investigation into Halal meat in Australia was vital at this time, claiming, “It’s extortion that has been put onto businesses that you must pay this money. A Muslim does not have to have halal certification, they can say a prayer over their food. Then it’s OK.”

She also attended an anti-Islam protest in Kink George Square in Brisbane, which she claimed was not a violent event.

“There was no violence at the Brisbane rally whatsoever. Islam is not a race so therefore we’re not talking about racism here whatsoever. Criticism is not racism. We have a right to have a say and have an opinion,” she said.

Hanson spoke openly about the fact her group does not “like Islam.”

“We don’t like Islam and we’re in fear about what Islam can do to our country, our culture and our way of life. Australians have a right to say this is not going to work. We want a peaceful cohesive society.”

Nevertheless, the protests turned violent on Saturday in Melbourne after anti-Islam and anti-racism groups clashed.

The fact that the “anti-racism” side saw it fitting to burn an Australian flag, alongside signs of “no racism,” made a lot of people question their true intentions. As some commentators pointed out, isn’t burning a nation’s flag, in that nation’s capital, the ultimate show of racism?

For many Australians, the whole event was a fuss about nothing, as one Australian Twitter user proved when he tweeted, “Man f**k this noise I’m gonna get stoned in the park peace out.”

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