Liam Payne ‘Determined To Carry On’ In New April Interview

Lately, Liam Payne has been quiet on places like Twitter while One Direction continues a leg of their 2015 world tour without Zayn Malik. However, after the show in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on April 4, Liam Payne was suddenly full of banter on Twitter. Liam Payne took the time to thank Dubai for a great show, said he “slept like a baby the whole way home,” and wished everyone a Happy Easter.

After Zayn Malik quit the band, Liam Payne was relatively quiet in the media. This is surprising since, as previously reported by this author for the Inquisitr, Liam Payne was particularly sharp with his words when Zayn quit the tour before One Direction was supposed to play in the Philippines.

As Liam Payne seemed to predict, Zayn Malik did, in fact, quit One Direction, and Liam Payne only asked his fans in the week after that devastation to “keep your faith in us.”

About 10 days after Zayn quit, Liam Payne and the other remaining members of One Direction sat down for an interview. The Sun published the interview in a subscription-only edition on April 2.

Before the interview with the Sun., the last word from Liam Payne was in the form of a tweet. People Magazine says the following.

“Liam Payne, 21, went on to assure fans that One Direction is ‘far from over. When we first became successful we all agreed that One Direction had become much bigger than each individual member. That’s why I feel like right now it’s okay to be sad and upset but I do ask everyone who is a fan of us to please keep your faith in us. I’m sure there’s a lot more to come,’ he finished, signing off with ‘love.'”

People Magazine also points out that after Zayn Malik officially announced he was quitting One Direction, Liam Payne’s “first response had been to tweet how glad he was to be in bed “after a long and strange 24 hours.”

Long and strange, indeed.

About the upset that Zayn leaving One Direction caused Liam Payne, People Magazine states in a second article that Liam Payne said on April 2 to the Sun, “It’s been a tough few weeks, probably the toughest since the band was formed five years ago. We’re gutted that Zayn chose to leave, but now after a few performances as a four piece, we’re feeling confident and are determined to carry on stronger than ever.”

MTV News says, “Liam admitted that it was tough coping with Zayn’s decision” and that “Louis echoed that sentiment by asserting that ‘all four of us are 100 percent committed to staying in One Direction,’ and insisting they have ‘so much more we still want to achieve.'”

E! Online previously stated that the next big project for Liam Payne and the rest of One Direction will be working on their fifth album. Liam Payne often expresses extreme love for his fans, and for this reason it is no surprise to hear that Harry Styles recently said after Zayn Malik quit the band that “[i]t’s very exciting to be working on our fifth album…. it shows how incredible the fans have been. A huge thank you to them for everything they’ve done for us. All the love to them.”

Liam Payne added to this on Twitter on April 5, “Now in home I just wanna thank everyone for an amazing start to the tour now it’s album writing time then back to it! Wish us luck.”

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