Keaway Lafonz Ivy’s Killer, Lafonzo Leonard Iracks, Arrested For Shooting Rapper Kealo With A Prop Gun

The shooting of rapper Keaway Lafonz Ivy led to the arrest of 21-year-old Lafonzo Leonard Iracks in what police are calling a potential homicide. It’s said that Ivy, who is also known as Kealo, was working with Iracks on a rap video when the latter man allegedly used a “prop” gun to shoot Ivy in the chest.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Keaway Lafonz Ivy’s death might have been an accident based upon initial descriptions of the shooting by witnesses, although some thought it might be murder.

The body of Keaway Lafonz Ivy was found outside a Seat Pleasant apartment complex, which was the site of the rap video. It’s said the two men had been working together on the rap video, and Kealo was working behind the camera since he is a videographer.

“Witnesses at the scene told law enforcement officials that Kealo was there shooting a music video. At least 20 people were on the set when a gun suddenly fired, striking and killing Kealo in the process. The gun was believed to be a prop gun. Some have speculated that the shooting was not just an accident but murder.”

Family members are uncertain how the two men knew each other, but it is said Lafonzo Leonard Iracks was being paid to be at the video shoot. It is currently unclear what the motive of Iracks might be, but after the shooting occurred Iracks fled the scene.

According to CBS, police managed to track down Iracks in northwestern Washington D.C., where he was hiding. Iracks has not been charged as of Friday but he is currently awaiting extradition.

Lafonzo Leonard Iracks

The family of Keaway Lafonz Ivy has been hit hard by his death. Kealo’s sister, Erica Iva, said he loved shooting videos and that was his whole life. Kealo’s Instagram account shows him cradling four cameras dangling around his neck, and he would also perform in some of the videos he produced.

Friends of the rapper said Kealo would often spend many late nights piecing together his videos, which ranged from wedding videos to a reality TV series called Housewives Of Benning Road.

“He was trying to do what he could to be the best father he could be for his child,” said Durrell Cooper. “His talent was immeasurable.”

Although Keaway Lafonz Ivy’s rap videos often featured guns, friends like David Ayers said that he was a peace-loving person.

“Just because a person raps about it doesn’t mean he lived it,” Ayers said, according to the Washington Post. “He was an entrepneur. He wanted to do more.”

Keaway Lafonz Ivy was 21-years-old.