13 Creepy, Horrifying Easter Bunnies That Will Haunt Your Holiday And Dreams

The Easter Bunny is set to visit the homes of children this weekend and leave something special for them to enjoy upon waking up on Easter morning. While that may seem magical and beautiful and wonderful, not all Easter Bunny helpers are the friendliest looking things in the world.

While the Easter Bunny in your imagination or in those old cartoons may look happy and sweet, some of the actual ones are just downright horrifying. MoviePilot knows exactly what this is about. Here are 13 of the creepiest Easter Bunnies that you could possibly imagine.

1.) Grandpa Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

This just doesn’t appear as if it is a good idea for anyone involved and that includes Grandpa, who doesn’t look so comfortable in that outfit. As said by Mr. Parker in A Christmas Story, “He looks like a pink nightmare.”

2.) Cross-Eyed Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

Not that there is anything wrong with being cross-eyed, but the flat ears, open mouth, and strange handle-bar mustache whiskers don’t help this Easter Bunny.

3.) Eat Your Soul Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

Don’t let the happy look on the little girl’s face fool you. She’s actually terrified and just trying to hide her fear, but she doesn’t realize that the Easter Bunny can smell it.

4.) Roger Rabbit Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

For some reason, this Easter Bunny stole Roger Rabbit’s clothes, but that is the least of anyone’s worries here. There is nothing that could have possibly made him think he needed a selfie of this.

5.) Hansel & Gretel Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

Obviously, the child on the right had the tooth sink into his head first and his brother knows what is coming. The bunny isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he’s starving and is thrilled at the taste of the children.

6.) Kiss Easter Bunny aka Demon Bunny

creepy easter bunny

There is no reason for this to happen. No reason at all.

7.) Alternate Dimension Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

He already has the kid in his clutches yet he still uses the power of hypnosis to get deep into his brain and soul.

8.) Candy Van Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

That kid looks happy, but it’s only because he was promised some candy from the Hippity Hoppity Wonderland that is this guy’s white van with no windows.

9.) Monopoly-Guy Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

Never trust an Easter Bunny with a monocle.

10.) House of 1,000 Corpses Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

Rob Zombie couldn’t even come up with something this horrific and terrifying.

11.) Top Pony Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

Sure, back in the ’80s, he would have fit right in with all the girls who wanted to have a high top ponytail. Now, he’s just a freak of nature, and one that looks like he’s done far too many illegal narcotics, judging by the outline around his eyes.

12.) Random Park Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

Why is he on a park bench? Why is he not in a mall or in a Chuck E. Cheese or something? Why haven’t the authorities been called?

13.) Aren’t I Friendly Easter Bunny

creepy easter bunny

That kid knows exactly what’s up and like a dog, he senses evil. He’s trying to get away and no one is even helping him.

Easter comes but once a year and it’s supposed to be a day of praise, worship, togetherness, and happiness. Unfortunately, there are the creepy Easter Bunnies of the world who have to go and ruin everything.

[Images via Reddit/Twitter/Imgur/World Wide Interwebs]