WWE News: Update On Bray Wyatt’s Injury — Will Roman Reigns Be Next For Wyatt When He Returns?

As many people know by now, Bray Wyatt suffered an ankle sprain while preparing for his match with The Undertaker at this past Sunday’s WrestleMania. Apparently the sprain was pretty bad, and Wyatt had to wear a cast for the entire afternoon, up until his match with The Undertaker.

Wyatt missed this past Monday’s RAW, and there hasn’t been an official timetable set for his return, but he’s not expected to miss a lot of time. Also, there are some people who are wondering what could be next for Wyatt now that his feud with The Undertaker is done. Most people are predicting that he’ll begin feuding with Roman Reigns, as Reigns won’t be in the WWE Championship picture for at least one more month due to Randy Orton getting a one-on-one match with the new WWE Champion Seth Rollins at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

If Wyatt does end up feuding with Reigns, that would likely mean he would be on the losing end of two straight feuds, which probably wouldn’t be the best thing for him, especially considering the fact that he was one of the hottest wrestlers on the entire roster going into WrestleMania. Furthermore, Reigns and Wyatt have had one-on-one matches in the past, and they weren’t very good. Having Reigns feud with guys who can’t give him good matches probably won’t be the best thing for him, so a Reigns vs. Wyatt feud may not be the best thing for either guy.

As of right now, Reigns is set for another feud with — you guessed it — Big Show. Again, in most fans’ opinion, Big Show probably isn’t the ideal guy for Reigns to be feuding with, but WWE is lacking in terms of main-event level heels right now, so they have to make do with what they’ve got.

It’s possible that WWE will keep Wyatt off television until after the Extreme Rules pay-per-view at the end of this month. And upon his return, he’ll begin his feud with Roman Reigns, as WWE feels that — at least for the time being — taking Roman Reigns out of the WWE Championship picture may get some of the heat off of him, and that the fans will no longer be booing who they hope is their new top babyface.

[Image via WWE]