Lisa Colagrossi’s Mom To Camille Edwards: ‘She’s Dead Because Of You’ Journalist’s Mother Allegedly Thinks ‘Camevil’ Was Boss From Hell

Camille Edwards is smiling here, but coworkers say that Edwards, aka “Camevil,” is the boss from hell, and everyone from the top executives to the cleaning lady knows it. Now, Page Six is reporting that one dead journalist’s mother is blaming her for her daughter’s untimely death. WABC-7 Eye Witness News reporter Lisa Colagrossi died recently from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 49, and her mother believes that work-related stress and Camille Edwards are to blame.

Witnesses that attended journalist Lisa Colagrossi’s memorial service told Page Six that Lisa Colagrossi’s mother confronted Edwards head on.

“People who observed the exchange stated that a sad-looking Camille Edwards went over to hug Colagrossi’s mother, when she was stopped in her tracks. That’s when onlookers say that Lois Colagrossi looked at Camille Edwards and told her that she was the entire reason that her daughter was dead.”

“You are the reason I am standing in this church.”

During the awkward moment, Camille then tried to skim past what the mother said to her by talking about Lisa Colagrossi’s hard work and dedication, leading Mama Lois to follow up the comment.

“I am talking about how you worked my daughter to death.”

The atmosphere was rife with tension, though everyone was glad that Lois Colagrossi stood up to the woman that she believed bullied her daughter to death. The Colagrossi family has not admitted that the story is true. In a statement to Page Six, the family now states that they are thankful for all the support that Lisa received from Camille Edwards. Even WABC Channel 7-Eye Witness News rallied to offer public support for Camille Edwards, whom the Daily Mail refers to as Camevil, the name given to her by newsroom staff.

People who work in the newsroom with Camille Edwards swear that the bully boss rumors are true. In an earlier report by Page Six, Sarah Wallace, another journalist who worked under Camille Edwards is in an ongoing legal wrangle with the station due to the way she was treated by Camille. Sources in that case say that Sarah Wallace was deliberately targeted because Edwards didn’t like her and because of her age.

“Camille is a bully and will target people she doesn’t like, most often women. Lisa’s colleagues applaud Lisa’s mom for standing up to Camille.”

High levels of stress can be a killer for anyone. Job or work-related stress often happens when an employee has little power or control and has to meet high demands. Sometimes, it is not the job itself that is stressful, but the work or office environment. Higher amounts of stress are reported in places where the bosses terrorize their employees or where workmates bully other workmates.

In one Southern state, reporters at a large car dealership say that at least three people in the office have had a heart attack or stroke due to their angry boss. Another three or four are trying to find out how to get the hell out of there without losing their livelihood.

In that same state, a former postal worker reported that older letter carriers are often bullied or pushed out due to their age, forcing some to retire earlier than they had planned.

Stress on the job can cause heart attacks, high blood pressure and strokes, according to the NIOSH report.

Many are finding ways to de-stress on the job, while others opt for working from home or changing careers entirely.

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