Teen Who Tried To Have Relations In Ambulance On Call Jailed For Two Years

A teen from Grimsby in Britain, who was caught trying to have sex with a girl in the back of an ambulance on call, was convicted last week and sentenced to jail for two years and eight months.

Paramedics were shocked to find Kyle Hargreaves kissing a girl on a stretcher in the back of the emergency vehicle, which was called to assist a 92-year-old man suffering from chest pains.

When the crew returned with the pensioner to the ambulance to find the young love birds, paramedic Michael Newman confronted Hargreaves.

The paramedic was told, “What’s your problem? We are just trying to have sex.”

With that, Hargreaves allegedly punched Newman three times as he carried the patient, knocking him to the ground, a move which didn’t impress the judge at the Grimsby Crown Court.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the girl on the stretcher bit another paramedic, William Heron, on his hand, while Newman suffered a black eye and a bloody nose.

The ambulance crew held Hargreaves long enough for the police to arrive and arrest him at the scene.

Following the court hearing, Steve Pratten, from the East Midlands Ambulance Service, said he was pleased with the verdict.

“This was a disgraceful act, not only to attack an emergency ambulance crew while they were engaged on their duties and were trying to look after a patient, but it was also completely selfish and completely irresponsible because of what they were trying to use the ambulance for. We are very pleased with the sentence. We think it reflects the serious nature of the incident. We are also pleased that the Crown Prosecution Service has worked with us and Humberside Police in being able to get a conviction. It sends a clear message that any form of violence and aggression to any of our staff will not be tolerated.”

Pratten added that the paramedics who were attacked have received the appropriate treatment, adding, “Both of our staff have been supported by East Midlands Ambulance Service through counselling and occupational health services. The technician who was bitten on the hand had to have a series of injections.”

[Image Credit: flikr.com]