Jay Z: Sheds Pounds, Shocks Fans — Result Of Queen Bey’s Health Kick

At the relaunch of the music streaming service Tidal in New York City on Monday, many were shocked by how thin rapper Jay Z appeared. Sources close to the entertainer and his wife, Queen Bey, say that there really isn’t anything to worry about. Although Jay Z has never been noticeably overweight, his superstar wife has simply got him joining her on a vegan diet and strict workout regimen.

Jay Z alongside other heavy-hitters at the Tidal relaunch on Monday looking quite thing; image via OK!

A source discussed the inspiration for the pounds shed and told Radar Online, “Beyonce is in serious weight-loss mode right now. They’ve been eating mostly vegan and working out together with their trainer, and they’ve both lost pounds. But Jay lost more than she did!”

The rapper has been steadily losing weight in small amounts for the past two years. However, as the source points out, the past couple of months Jay Z has probably lost a good 15 pounds, which has resulted in people talking and drawing conclusions.

Friends of the rapper are simply treating the change in the 45-year-old’s physique as a bit of a joke. The publication recounts the source’s words that “[a]t first, people were asking if he was okay or if stress was getting to him. But he says he feels great. His friends were making fun of him and saying that he’s spending too much time in LA!”

Apparently, Beyonce’s focus is to maintain her health, and she is not intending to shed a drastic amount of weight. As mentioned, Beyonce is the inspiration behind Jay Z’s health kick.

OK! Magazine reminds that a year back, a source shared Bey’s concerns about her hubby’s health and noted that the diva was adamant that Jay was going to drop 20 pounds to get back to a healthy weight.

This isn’t the first time that the power couple has set and stuck to rigorous exercise plans and strict diets for the purpose of weight loss. Back in early 2014, in preparation for the Grammy’s (during which the two performed their infamous “Drunk in Love” duet) Jay and Bey went on “an extreme plant-based diet.” The Mirror explains that the outcome of this 22-day hardcore plan led to 110 pounds being lost between the pair.

Beyonce and Jay Z perform at the Grammy's in 2014 looking extra toned; image via Mirror UK

Initially, the motivation for the pre-Grammy tone-up was purely due to Jay wanting to be of strong moral support to Beyonce, who wanted to be back to her pre-baby physique for the performance. However, following the performance, the duo decided to adopt a fully vegan lifestyle based on the urging of their trainer, Marco Borges.

[Feature image via Grammy.com]