Pensioner Gets Magnetic Nose After Losing His To Cancer

A man from Loveclough in Lancashire, UK, has been fitted with a magnetic prosthetic nose after he lost his to a rare form of nose cancer.

When pensioner Richard Curry was told by his doctors of the malignant melanoma in his septum, he was advised at the time that he may need to have his nose removed to stop the spread of the aggressive form of cancer.

Nevertheless, in order to ensure that his new nose was kept properly in place, the 71-year-old had magnetic implants put inside his cheekbones when he underwent the complex procedure at the Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Mr. Curry spoke to reporters about how happy and surprised he is with the results of the procedure.

“Losing my nose was something of a shock but I didn’t have much choice because this kind of cancer is one of the most dangerous you can get. I was just grateful it was caught in time and removed, and when they mentioned they could attach a new one with magnets, I just thought it was amazing.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Curry had to have his nose completely removed in 2013 after he saw blood in a tissue after blowing his nose.

Speaking about what life was like at first with the new nose, Curry shared, “In the early days I wasn’t quite sure how much adhesive to put on, and my stick-on nose would sometimes fall off in hot weather, for example. And there was an incident in Asda which gave the girl on the till a bit of a shock. The implants were all ready last September and I was so pleased with the results.”

Ear, nose, and throat specialist Paddy Morar, who was one of the people involved in Mr. Curry’s operation, told reporters, “Cancers of the nose are not that common at all, you probably only get one every three years or so, so this was a very unusual procedure. Magnets are used quite commonly with prosthetic ears, but this was the first time we had used them to attach a nose.”

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