Soleil Moon Frye's Weight Loss Journey Revealed: Actress Shows Off With Bikini Pose

Soleil Moon Frye's weight loss is generating buzz for the former Punky Brewster star on the internet. The actress gave birth to her third child a year ago, and she is now 40 pounds lighter.

According to Us Magazine, Soleil showed off her weight loss by posing in a pink bikini in a new photo shared by NutriSystem. The actress used their weight loss program to lose the weight, and she is now a spokesperson for the company.

It was just two months ago that Soleil Moon Frye shared her early success with the weight loss program. She had lost 23 pounds at that point. A previous Inquisitr report revealed that Frye learned about NutriSystem from her Sabrina, The Teenage Witch co-star Melissa Joan Hart. Melissa had also used NutriSystem to lose the weight she wanted to lose.

She is now sharing her new success, and Frye has lost 40 pounds since starting with the NutriSystem program. She called her body now the "best version" of her in an interview with People Magazine.

Soleil shared some about her struggle to lose weight and about why she is now sharing her story with others.

"I remember being over a specific number and saying, 'Okay, just get down five.' When I was there, it was like 'Okay, now five more. 'I want to encourage moms to feel good about themselves. I think it's important to empower ourselves. We have kids and we love our kids, but we still have ourselves."

Before finding NutriSystem, she admitted that it was a challenge for her to lose weight. She would lose it, but then some of it would come back. Many people face that struggle when they try to lose weight.

In a press release shared by NutriSystem in January, the actress shared some about her diet and eating habits as well.

"We're a family, we eat together. I'm losing weight the healthy way. I need to lead by example. I'm not going to starve myself in front of my kids. I've always been a big fan of sweets. Who wants to give that up when dieting? Not me! That's another reason why Nutrisystem worked so well. I didn't have to give up dessert!"

Soleil Moon Frye had her start as a child star. She rose to fame on Punky Brewster, and that was 31 years ago. Today, she still acts, but she is also a businesswoman and a mother of three.

Frye started her own party supply company, P.S. XO, and the business has been a success. According to Entrepreneur, the company merged with another popular children's company, Seedling, earlier this year.

Soleil showed off her party supply venture at her son's first birthday party last month, according to People Magazine. For the event, she used a circus and carnival motif. Her two oldest children, aged 9 and 6, helped with the party.

"I love party planning. My girls help me every step of the way. I think it's great to involve the older kids."

Soleil Moon Frye shared with Entrepreneur how she started her own company. After she became a mother, she struggled with motherhood. A friend introduced her to Twitter, and she began to share her struggles. She soon realized she was not alone.

"When I was a new mom, I had so many questions about being a parent. I started sharing my Mommy moments -- I would take a picture of Sharpie marks on the wall, and spit-up in my hair, and say 'Ahhh! Am I the only one who is having a hard time?' It was incredible to see that there were so many parents out there like me."

She also shared her party planning ideas on Twitter, and people wanted to know more. She helped others, but she also made it clear that planning took time. She spent hours on her own projects.

Now with her recent weight loss, the actress can tackle more projects and raise her three children. She continues to share her tips and her life via her Twitter as well.

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[Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]