Douglas Kennedy Charged With Child Endangerment In Strange Hospital Confrontation [Video]

Douglas Kennedy, the 44-year-old son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was involved in a dispute with several Weschester hospital nurses this weekend that has led to the Kennedy being charged with child endangerment.

The scrape happened outside of the newborn’s maternity ward. According to NBC New York Kennedy took his child from the maternity ward at Northern Westchester Hospital near New York City in the hopes of taking the infant for a walk.

As he tried to step onto an elevator he was confronted by several nurses and a disagreement broke out over his attempt to walk with his child. Eventually one of the nurses ended up on the floor and she claims that Douglas Kennedy kicked her.

In a statement regarding the incident Kennedy and his wife said of the confrontation:

“It is sickening to think that our simple desire to take our son outside for fresh air has been warped into a charge of child endangerment.”

The couple adds:

“The nurse had no right to attempt to grab our child out of his father’s arms.”

In the meantime Douglas Kennedy is calling the accusations that he kicked the nurse and the charges it has brought against him “absurd.”

Here’s the security video from the confrontation:

Here’s a further news report regarding the issue:

New York City in the meantime isn’t having much luck with their maternity wards, you may recall that Beyonce and Jay-Z were under hot water after their security guards blocked a father from seeing his sick baby in an infant ICU ward at Lenox Hill hospital in NYC.

Do you think Douglas Kennedy is to blame or should hospital nurses have allowed the father and his child to go for a walk together?