Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff Spotted Filming New Reality Show?

Chris Soules fans, rejoice! There’s a possibility that Prince Farming won’t disappear from your life after he gets eliminated from Dancing with the Stars — the Bachelor and fiancee Whitney Bischoff are already plotting their return to TV. In fact, they were recently spotted filming in Los Angeles.

Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff were photographed being followed around by a film crew during a hike. However, OK! Magazine points out that their outdoor activity looked highly suspect — Whitney was wearing high heels and skinny jeans. Perhaps the couple was filming some footage for the new reality show that Chris is allegedly pitching. As the Inquisitr previously reported, he’s hoping to extend his fifteen minutes of fame by scoring a reality show all about his life on the farm. The main draw of the series would be getting to see how Whitney responds to her new rural lifestyle, but it’s hard to imagine the show providing much substance beyond that. As Bachelor fans discovered, there’s not a lot to do in Chris Soules’ tiny hometown of Arlington, Iowa.

Chris and Whitney are currently spending time in Los Angeles while he competes on Dancing with the Stars, so now would be an excellent time for a reality show camera crew to follow the couple around — there’s a lot more for them to see and do in the big city. However, it’s possible that the aforementioned footage wasn’t being filmed for a new show at all. Perhaps Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff were just working on some filler footage for Dancing with the Stars.

Networks might find Chris Soules’ farm reality show idea a bit too boring, but there’s always a chance that fans will get to witness his wedding. Chris recently told Life & Style that he and Whitney Bischoff are finally starting to plan their big day, and he definitely wants their wedding ceremony to take place at his farm. However, Chris and Whitney won’t have a lot of time to discuss wedding details if Prince Farming continues to improve on Dancing with the Stars. He looked like he wouldn’t last long after two low-scoring weeks in a row, but he finally started to hit his sexy stride on Latin night.

Whitney Bischoff better start practicing so that she and her future hubby can wow the crowd with their own special dance on their wedding day. Perhaps Chris will try to make up for his terrible April Fools’ Day prank by convincing DWTS partner Witney Carson to teach them a romantic routine. Soules will also get a chance to show Whitney how much he cares about her on Monday. According to CarterMatt, it will be “My Most Memorable Year” night on Dancing with the Stars. Chris Soules’ song choice, “The Book of Love” by Gavin James makes it fairly obvious that he will dedicate his performance to Whitney Bischoff. He and Whitney Carson will be doing the rumba.

Would you watch a reality show starring Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff, or would they have to make a baby and hire Ashley Iaconetti as their nanny before you’d consider it interesting enough to check out?

[Image credit: Chris Soules/Instagram]