Kendall Jenner: Forget The Skort! Bring On The Skant! Rocks Chic Skirt-Pant Combo

Has Kendall Jenner ignited a hot new trend? She certainly caused a stir when she strolled through Tribeca this past week sporting an interesting variation on the infamous 90’s skort. Jenner continues to make her mark in the modeling industry and as MTV notes, has started to look like she’s walked off the set of an editorial shoot even in her off hours.

Kendall Jenner steps out in a "skant" look after Chanel show in NYC; image via InStyle

The show-stopper and trendsetting “skant” ensemble she was spotted in after walking in a Chanel show, was accented by “monochromatic [pieces] consisting of a grey fur-trimmed sweater [and]pumps,” as MTV shares. Let’s face it, Kendall can make anything look haute-couture and fashion-forward so it is certainly a tough call as to whether or not this quirky and surprising piece will take off as a must-have in the wardrobes of women the world over.

For those thinking about giving the look a try, InStyle has a bit of advice to get it right, as Jenner clearly has.

“Follow in her footsteps and go gray-on-gray by layering an asymmetric wrap skirt over fitted pants washed in the same shade for a similar effect. The key, though, in pulling this off is the tailoring. Slouchy silhouettes could look messy and lead to uncomfortable bunching.”

This surprising attire perhaps takes a moment to win over onlookers, yet after taking in the entire ensemble and considering not only the trendiness and uniqueness of the combination but also the practicality for the transitioning winter-spring temps, it’s easy to conclude that the apron-pant look may be a hit after all! Think about it, there is no possibility of an unflattering view to passersby if a strong gust of wind is stirred up. It’s clear that Kendall is a tad bit more tasteful with what she seeks to put on display to the public than her older sister Kim has been of late. Why not catapult a new fad with sensible fashion choices?

It’s likely that at least a few of Jenner’s more than 40 million Instagram followers will have a bit of fun with this trend themselves seeing as the reality star has garnered acclaim from the fashion industry since coming on the scene. She’s known for her fashion sense on and off the runway.

Kendall’s most recent success was landing a campaign with Calvin Klein as the new face for the brand’s jeans. Jenner used her social media outlets to broadcast her love for CK and it’s certainly paid off for the beauty who has had remarkable success over the past year.

[Feature image via IBTimes]