‘Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles’ Gets More Story Details

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles was supposed to be the smaller cousin to Assassin’s Creed Victory this year, but Ubisoft has shocked the gaming world with the announcement that Chronicles is now going to be a trilogy. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China was originally thought to be a standalone release, but last week, the company announced games set in Russia and India are on the way as well.

The initial announcement laid out some of what this new Assassin’s Creed trilogy would bring, but now there are even more details being brought to the web in order to wet Assassin’s Creed fans’ appetites.

“Players will journey to three distinct civilizations and time periods throughout history including the Ming dynasty at the start of its downfall, the Sikh Empire as it prepares for war in India and the aftermath of the Red October revolution. Each chronicle stands on its own with a unique setting, art style, story and Assassin, but is tied together narratively,” Ubisoft mentioned in a new statement.

The China version of Assassin’s Creed will have players taking on the role of Shao Jun. Jun returns home to the burning embers of her country. The Assassin’s Creed game that takes place in India will have players take on Arbaaz Mir in 1841, as Mir will be put at the center of the conflict between the Sikh empire and East India trading company. Finally, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Russia will focus on Nikolai Orelov, who will need to complete one final mission near where the Tsar and his family are being held by the Bolsheviks.

One of the things that has gotten fans of this long-running series excited is that the games will apparently all have strikingly different art styles. Despite this little factor, they are all supposed to be narratively tied together in some way. The big question that most gamers will probably be asking is whether or not any of them will also be seeing some sort of tie-in to Victory. It seems unlikely, considering Ubisoft was careful to not mention that particular feature. Still, the company has already pulled one trick out of its sleeve. It doesn’t seem like it’s that far fetched to think there might be other surprises waiting for gamers down the pike as we get closer to release dates.

So far, Ubisoft is keeping the release dates under its hat. We do know that Victory and the first chapter of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles are due out this year.