CoPilot GPS To Offer Free Offline Navigation Starting In March [Android and iOS]

ALK has announced more details regarding the company’s Android and iOS GPS application. The program will be called CoPilot GPS and it will provide driving and walking directions without needing to search online in most cases.

According to the company the program which will offer paid and free versions and it will include points of interest which are not offered in other offline-capable GPS mapping products.

While users can pay a premium for added features many of the company’s options will be given at no cost, for example users can share directions on social sites and choose from two alternate routes provided by their phones GPS app.

According to ALK the main limitations will be based on the sophistication of directions and restrictions placed on features that require an Internet link.

Users will be required to pay $20 (in-app purchase) if they would like voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions and the ability to take advantage of 3D maps.

For $10 per year users can also receive live traffic updates, although that feature does require the users Google Android or iOS based device to have an active internet connection since traffic updates occur in real time.

Fans of former CoPilot GPS based programs will be able to pick up both the Android and iOS versions of the application in the second week of March.

Here’s a quick look at the CoPilot GPS mapping outlay:

CoPilot GPS Mapping

Are you excited to give CoPilot GPS a try on the free end or will you be paying $20 for the paid-app and then $10 annually for the traffic updates portion of the mobile GPS offering?