Michael Jackson Definitely Not A Guns N’ Roses Break Up Motive: Slash Speaks Up

Maryam Louise - Author

Apr. 4 2015, Updated 4:09 a.m. ET

Slash recently took to the airwaves to tell the world that claims about Michael Jackson were not true.

The memory of Michael Jackson has been recently remembered in relationship to the 80s hit glam rock band Guns N’ Roses. The reason Michael Jackson was brought up was due to his alleged involvement in causing a rift between Slash, the lead guitarist, and singer Axl Rose.

Did it turn out to be true that Michael Jackson broke up the band? Slash does not seem to think so.

Oddly, there always seems to be a lot of misconceptions surrounding Slash and Michael Jackson. A good example is the song “Black or White.” People assume that Slash was recorded playing that song, but he picked apart this misunderstanding in a 2010 interview with Exclaim Magazine.

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About working with Michael Jackson, Slash stated, “I think all he wanted was for everybody to like him. [sic]”

About Slash’s relationship to the Michael Jackson album, they say, “In fact, he only plays on ‘Give It in to Me,’ found on the same Michael Jackson album, Dangerous, but says that the confusion was made when the music video for ‘Black or White’ featured footage of him in the studio.”

As previously reported by this author for the Inquisitr, an interview for Rolling Stone Brazil by Guns N’ Roses’ former manager stated that Michael Jackson was the subject of one of the first fights between Axl Rose and Slash.

Refuting this claim, Blabber Mouth reports that Slash stated in a podcast interview that the accusations about Michael Jackson made by Doug Goldstein were wrong. In the April 3 interview with DJ Elliot Segal for radio show Elliot in the Morning on WWDC-FM in Washington D.C., Slash says that there is not much truth in any of the statements made by Doug Goldstein about Michael Jackson.


The claims that were made is that Axl Rose thought of Michael Jackson as a child molester and got mad at Slash for doing a charity show with Michael Jackson. According to Doug Goldstein, the band manager of Guns N’ Roses at the time, that incident in 1991 was the first of many that led to the end of the band.

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Allegedly, Slash does not give much credence to Doug Goldstein — whether he is talking about Michael Jackson or someone else.

Slash said about Goldstein after talking about the Michael Jackson claims, “I don’t wanna read or hear that guy’s B.S., so I just avoid it… That way I stay sane. [sic]”

Slash talked about the Michael Jackson issue and says, “You know what?! I’ve been hearing a lot about this particular interview from a lot of people that he really p***** [me] off…. And I’ve heard that. And I don’t think there’s any truth to that. I mean, obviously, the band stayed together for years after that whole thing. And it wasn’t a big deal at the time. And if it did p*** anybody off, it was something that went away. So I don’t think it had anything to do with the original Guns-N-Roses’ demise.”

Interestingly, while Slash has almost always had Michael Jackson’s back, there was one time they disagreed in public. In the 90s, Michael Jackson and Slash once had a fight on stage during a performance of “Black and White” when Slash refused to end his solo when Michael Jackson wanted.

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