Lindsay Lohan's Latest Photoshop Fail: Lilo Decides Her Corset Doesn't Make Her Look Thin Enough

Lindsay Lohan spends a lot of her time posting selfies these days, so you'd think that the Mean Girls actress would have mastered using Photoshop by now. However, she's drastically distorted yet another picture in an attempt to change the shape of her body.

There's nothing wrong with Lindsay Lohan's natural shape, so her fans are probably pretty perplexed by her obvious photo enhancements. According to SheKnows, Lindsay tried to whittle down her waist in her latest Photoshop fail. The actress recently got in on the corset craze that's Hollywood's newest weight loss obsession, but apparently Lilo couldn't wait for her "waist trainer" to do its job by squishing her organs together. As you can see, the warped stairs in the photo below make it fairly obvious that Lindsay altered the picture to make her waist look smaller.

Lindsay Lohan Corset

"Just received my waist trainer from @nowaistclique!! #LovingIt #majorsituation," Lindsay Lohan captioned the corset photo, according to Perez Hilton.

After Lindsay posted the picture on Twitter, it wasn't long before her followers noticed her photo faux pas. She quickly took the photo down, but the damage was already done -- the Twitterverse had a field day ridiculing the actress. Perhaps Lindsay decided to delete the tweet because it was a promotional one and her bad Photoshop job made it look like a failed attempt at false advertising.

Twitter users might mock Lindsay for digitally shrinking her waist, but she's much better off using photo alteration tools to tweak her body than she is wearing a waist trainer. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba have helped to popularize the old-school body-sculpting tools, but corsets/waist trainers can actually be dangerous.

"This is so ridiculous, these people should know better," celebrity health expert JJ Virgin told Fox News. "You are blocking oxygen, reducing flow to your lungs, heart and other organs which in turn slows metabolism as your cells become deprived of oxygen. Organ failure can also occur."

In other words, Lindsay needs to ditch the corset and start sharpening her Photoshop skills if she's looking for a safe and easy way to look slimmer in her photos. Or she could just embrace her natural beauty -- she's already a thin girl with a body that many women find envy-worthy.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, this isn't the first time Lindsay suffered an embarrassing Photoshop fail on social media. She actually did a far worse job trying to make her butt look bigger in an Instagram photo, so maybe her skills have slightly improved.

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan's need to tweak her social media photos? Do you find it sad that she feels so insecure?

[Image credits: Tim P. Whitby/Getty, Lindsay Lohan/Twitter]