WWE News: Major Update On Problems Between ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin And Vince McMahon

As we noticed last weekend, WWE Legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin didn’t come to WrestleMania or the WWE Hall of Fame, which he attended every year and even had his own sitting area at the event. It was shocking to fans and even WWE that he didn’t want to come, especially considering WWE had stuff for him to do at Mania because they were so sure he was coming.

Vince McMahon was said to be furious over Steve Austin not coming. However, there seem to be issues with the pair, which is the main reason Austin wasn’t there.

According to Cageside Seats, the rift between Vince and Austin goes back to Vince picking Chris Jericho to do the new monthly podcast on WWE Network. Apparently, Vince was not happy about some of the questions Austin asked Triple H. While many thought Austin went far in with Vince McMahon himself, it was not until Austin spoke with Triple H that things got really deep. Specifically, Austin asking about Chyna and the WWE Hall of Fame was too far in McMahon’s eyes.

On top of this, Vince is not happy with Austin turning down the hosting role for the new season of WWE Tough Enough. While the podcast might have caused some issues with Vince, the host issue pushed him to a point where he didn’t want Austin in anything else. This obviously left Austin ticked, which is most likely why he didn’t show up for Mania or the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

Will problems with both sides be resolved? There is hope that it will be.

Austin and McMahon have had issues in the past, but usually the two sides ended up resolving their differences. At one point, Austin walked away from WWE over issues with creative, and no one knew if he’d ever come back. Luckily for WWE, Vince was able to talk him into coming back, and the two sides put any issues they had to rest. Since then, Austin has been a big part of WWE and especially WrestleMania.

Whether he performed as a General Manager, referee, or simply showed up to stun people, he has never truly left WWE. He has always been part of the company in some capacity. WWE fans hope that things can be resolved. Austin is a WWE legend, and fans do not want to see him stay away.

[IMG Credit: Bleacher Report]