Ben & Jerry’s Pulls Fortune Cookies From Jeremy Lin Ice Cream Flavor

Ben & Jerry’s jumped on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon last week with the release of its newest ice cream flavor titled “Taste the Lin-Sanity” but now the company has decided to pull one of the flavors key ingredients, bits of fortune cookies.

The Pints of Taste the Lin-Sanity were being sold at the Cambridge campus shop where the 23-year-old Asian-American once attended school and eventually earned his degree as a Harvard graduate.

The first release of the ice cream included parts of fortune cookies along with vanilla frozen yogurt and honey swirls however the company decided after some public backlash to ditch the fortune cookies and instead replace them with waffle cookies.

According to Ben & Jerry’s local general manager:

“There seemed to be a bit of an initial backlash about (the fortune cookies). But we obviously weren’t looking to offend anybody and the majority of the feedback about it has been positive.”

It turns out that any issues with the cookies at this point seemed to be more with the taste they have to the ice cream, according to the local GM:

“A couple of [pints] got returned because the cookies got so soggy.”

Given Ben & Jerry’s public outreach programs, emphasis on having fun without actually attempting to offend and sensibility when it comes to creating wacky flavors from various food items I think it’s safe to say that the company likely didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Do you think adding fortune cookies to the company’s ice cream flavor was an insult to Jeremy Lin or the Asian population in America?