Texas Couple Tries To Resurrect Their Dead 2-Year-Old Son At Home Church, Fled To Mexico With Body

A couple from Texas has allegedly tried to resurrect their dead 2-year-old son. Police in Balch Springs, Texas say they went to the home for a welfare check and discovered the pair had fled to Mexico with their dead son’s body after a failed resurrection attempt with their home church.

CBS reports that police went to the Balch Springs home on March 26 to perform a welfare check after receiving a call. What they discovered was the “strangest case” they have ever investigated according to one police lieutenant. When officers arrived at the home they were told that a 2-year-old child had died and that the family took the body to Mexico after a failed “rising ceremony.” The rising ceremony was an attempt to resurrect the dead toddler by the family’s home church.

“Officers were told a 2-year old child had died and a ‘rising ceremony’ had been performed for the child at the home four days earlier in an attempt to resurrect him.”

Though it was understood that the home-based church attempted to resurrect the dead child, it is unknown whether they were attempting to resurrect his actual body or simply his spirit. They are also unsure at this time exactly what methods were used during the rising ceremony to attempt to resurrect the toddler.

“We don’t know if this was to try and resurrect the spirit of the child and we don’t know if this was to try and resurrect the child themselves or what exactly that service or ceremony encompasses.”

The individuals who were still living in the home when police arrived stated that the residence also served as a church where the rising ceremony took place. The Daily Mail spoke with a number of local residents about the family who say that other children have been removed from the home since the rising ceremony. One neighbor says that five children under the age of 10 were living in the home, but that they have been taken into protective custody following the investigation by police.

One neighbor says she complained to the mother about some of the childrens’ behavior towards her dogs. However, she was told that the children didn’t know any better because they were taken “off the streets in Mexico.” Another neighbor claims that the home-church was held on Saturdays and Sundays and that attendees were required to pay at the door to enter.

Police have not confirmed what caused the death of the 2-year-old child. However, some locals have claimed the child starved while others say he fell from a high chair. Police are still investigating the family and church after the failed resurrection and moving of the child’s dead body across country borders.

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Stringer]