Jason Aldean's Wedding Band May Launch Company

It's amazing how one choice by a celebrity can create new businesses.

The Tri-County Times is reporting that country music superstar Jason Aldean was in the market for wedding bands, having proposed to Brittany Kerr, dancer and former American Idol competitor. The story starts with Kevin Begola, owner of the Bridge Street Exchange in Linden, MI. Begola also owns an online men's wedding band store called Titanium Buzz.

Begola was hosting an event in 2014 when Ron and Amy Shirley, owners of Lizard Lick Towing and Recovery (and stars of the show Lizard Lick Towing). After a conversation, Titanium Buzz created a line of rings for the Shirleys. The trio had a mutual friend, Dee Jay Silver. Begola created his wedding band, as well.

It so happens that Aldean and the Shirleys were at Silver's wedding. Aldean saw both Silver's wedding band and the Shirley's rings and became more and more intrigued by the craftsmanship and quality that he saw. Aldean went home and got online to check out Titanium Buzz, and really liked what he saw.

Aldean ordered a wedding band with a baseball stitch design engraved on the ring for his March 21 nuptials, which were private. Willie Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty and on ordained minister, presided over the ceremony.

Through it all, Begola and his crew were able to keep that private information private.

"We didn't tell. I didn't even tell my friends and family about it until we could."

Michigan Live is reporting that the wedding band was a black zirconium band with a baseball stitch designed carved in and the wedding date engraved on the inside the band. Begola ended up making four wedding bands altogether. Begola speculates the different rings are to be worn at certain events or parties, but did not elaborate.

The new wedding band has been making the rounds. Aldean and Kerr went to the iHeartRadio Music awards on March 29. Aldean won an award for country song of the year for "Burnin' It Down." The next day, Aldean joined forces with such music superstars as Jay Z, Beyonce, Chris Martin, Madonna, Rihanna, Usher,among others, to launch Tidal, a new music streaming service. On both occasions, Aldean made sure to flash the wedding band for all to see.

Begola has said that as of right now, however, the wedding band's exposure hasn't translated to more orders. He does appear to be optimistic, though.

"It's an exciting time," Bergola said

[Image courtesy of Michigan Live]