Will Forte’s ‘Future’ With January Jones: Falcons, Seth Meyers, ‘Hamilton’

Will Forte has been making big headlines since his successful SNL career transitioned to a new TV show called Last Man on Earth. The show stars what has turned out to be the new love of Will Forte’s life — January Jones. As it appears, Will Forte and January Jones have been together for about two months-ish.

While Will Forte and January Jones may claim to only be casually dating, there is definitely something more going on — if you read between the lines.

For instance, the Daily Mail stated, “On Wednesday, January posted a playful pic of the pair on Instagram in a response to the dating rumors. However the post has since been deleted. ‘Guess who’s expectinggggg….?!’ she wrote, and then followed that with ‘#aprilfools and two hearts and #weareonlyexpectingfeettofitinsocks.'”

Hmmm… Could it be that January Jones wants to be more than just casually dating Will Forte? As a comedian, Will Forte is known for his antics — and some of them have included talk about relationships. Can January Jones use any of Will Forte’s past online archive to derive clues about the future of their relationship together?

For example, Will Forte had a thread on Reddit in 2014 where fans could ask him anything. Among the discussions on Reddit about his part in the movie Nebraska, Will Forte revealed he was ideal relationship material for most people even in the most boring ways, as evidenced by his Social Security Number. That intriguing Will Forte government identification number is, “6969-69-696969-69.”

Based on Will Forte’s history, are there other clues about what January Jones can expect? In the SNL show starring Gabourey Sidibe, Will Forte plays the character Hamilton and wants to get back together with his actress ex-girlfriend. Gabourey is at a meet-the-press event for the movie Precious when Will Forte, pretending to be a reporter, stands up to ask her a question.

Key Will Forte lines from that SNL skit include, “Perhaps you have forgotten how I used to captivate you with my sensual dancing… and how I would write poems into your back. [sic]”

Gabourey Sidibe told Will Forte, “I can’t go back with you, I have a career now.”

Then, Will Forte told her something he might tell January Jones one day, stating, “Well, I am offering you the role of a lifetime, the role of my wife. Will you be Mrs. Hamilton Whiteman?”

A Grantland interview in February gives January Jones some sad news about Will Forte.

They say, “Forte, 44, has never been married, which he blames on his impulse to put everybody else ahead of whomever he’s dating.”

As far as past relationships with girlfriends, the following was stated about Will Forte.

“Forte mentions OCD a lot in interviews. It’s not clear if he’s ever been formally diagnosed. [Will Forte says] ‘An old girlfriend took me through this OCD questionnaire… It was like, You should talk to somebody immediately about this.’ [sic]”

But is Will Forte a cool guy? Friends describe Will Forte as a nice person, and the Grantland interview about him says, “The same friends and colleagues who warned me about Forte’s boundless kindness are quick to add that he’s among the most uncompromising people they’ve ever worked with, a guy who’s brilliant and bullheaded in equal doses.”

Seth Meyers allegedly said, “I loved working with him; I did not like writing with him… If he wasn’t a nice person, no one would work with him.”

While it is a silly idea to gather clues about a comedian’s potential in a relationship based on their comedy skits and interviews, there is at least one thing we do know about the future of Will Forte and January Jones’ relationship. That fact is that Seth Meyers is waiting to hear wedding bells in Will Forte’s future so he can deal a dose of payback.

In March, Will Forte was a guest on Seth Meyers’ Late Night show and they talked a lot about being old friends, as well as SNL co-workers. One of the things that Seth Meyers brought up was how Will Forte gave a hilarious toast at Seth’s wedding dressed as Hamilton Whiteman, “the bad guy with a heart of gold.” In it, Will Forte says the following.

“Alexi Ashe, what an exquisite creature… with beautiful flaxen hair… How does a woman with such divine symmetrical features marry a hook nose?… But it works.”

Seth Meyers stated about Will Forte’s wedding toast that it was about a six-minute speech, but only 30 seconds of it had presentable language for television.

For more clues as to what January Jones can expect from her future with Will Forte, consult “The Falconer: Indecent Proposal.”

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