One Direction In Dubai: Fans Go Wild With Ticket Scalping, Stalking, And Concert Props

The days leading up to One Direction playing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates have been interesting ones for this international luxury country. The press surrounding One Direction’s performance on April 4 has included April Fool’s Day jokes, suggested “fan projects” published by the local news, black market ticket sales woes, and lots of photoshopping the members of One Direction into local Persian Gulf Arab traditional clothing.

The big joke on Twitter concerning One Direction was that Harry Styles got arrested — and the hashtag was all just an April Fool’s Day joke. In the United Arab Emirates, on the other hand, the excitement surrounding One Direction playing their country for the first time was celebrated with what might not be an April Fool’s Day joke about Zayn Malik.

Specifically, The National U.A.E. states that Zayn Malik was spotted hanging out with One Direction in Dubai. They wrote, “Could a reunion already be in the works? Not even a week after quitting One Direction – and just days before the band performs at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai on April 4 as part of their On the Road Again tour – Zayn Malik was spotted at a metro stop in the city with his former bandmates. [sic]”

The National U.A.E. then goes on to state that you should watch a video they put together and “make up your own mind about whether today, April 1, is a date to remember in the history of One Direction. [sic]”

Spoiler alert: the video is just of cardboard cutouts of One Direction at a Dubai transit station. If that was a let down, keep in mind that this One Direction April Fool’s Day joke in Dubai is just one of many juicy headlines about the band.

One slightly racy piece of news about One Direction playing Dubai is the runaway ticket scalping problem. 7 Days in Dubai reports, “More than 100 black market tickets worth about Dhs50,000 are being flogged for One Direction’s sold-out Dubai gig on Saturday. Some adverts posted across various websites in the UAE marked up tickets as high as Dhs700 above cost price… [sic]”

Another interesting development are the One Direction “fan projects” that were highlighted by Maximum Pop U.K.

In particular, the theme for One Direction fans for the Dubai concert include using neon colors. The Dubai One Direction fan project goes on to state, “It’s a neon party! Wear, bring, or hold neon objects in the air. [with] glow sticks, scarves, etc — be creative.” The second agenda item is to download “Color Torch” for Android phones so that fans can “light up the stadium.” When specific One Direction songs are played, fans are supposed to change the color of the light on their phones according to the pre-concert directions.

Along those lines, during the song “Girl Almighty” all of the fans are supposed to get down on their knees in the audience. Two other tasks audience members at Dubai’s One Direction show should do is scream the words to “Torn” at top volume and hold up neon clouds (inspired by the song “Clouds”) with “your girl? our girl” printed on them during “Stealing My Girl.”

What can fans do to prepare for the One Direction concert in Dubai? The United Arab Emirates welcomes tourists from all over the world, and a major event like a One Direction live show will bring newcomers to the area. To prepare fans that are in Dubai to see the One Direction concert, Emirates 24/7 published a guide.

The 32,000-ticket sold out show put on by Done Events at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai is considered one of the “biggest concerts in the region” — and certainly warrants its own informational brochure. Some things to keep in mind are to bring your bottled water, get there a little early, and use the free shuttle buses so you can avoid using a car.

Gulf News also published a guide for fans watching the One Direction Dubai show and added several “don’ts.” For instance, don’t be too aggressive, don’t stand near barriers if you are short, don’t hang out in the desert waiting for the show all day, and don’t forget to put your phone down long enough to enjoy the show.”

What will the show be like for One Direction? Allegedly, the members of One Direction arrived on April 2 in Dubai and are staying at the palace-like Disney hotels. Unfortunately, one strange event that happened as One Direction arrived in Dubai is a sandstorm.

Fans tweeted things like, “Even Dubai is freaking out that One Direction is soon going to be in it so its hyperventilating in the form of a sandstorm!” — along with the hashtag #WelcomeToDubai1D.

One interesting fact about One Direction visiting Dubai is that the stage is arranged in a way that fans will literally be able to reach out to put their hands on the gents. Time Out Dubai says, “Diamond ticket holders will literally be able to touch the boys.” No doubt, One Direction’s April 4 concert in Dubai will have great photos and stories for that very reason.

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