Robert Griffin III Impresses At NFL Combine With Fifth Fastest 40-Yard Dash

Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III is fast, we have known that fact since his playing days at Baylor when he would scramble out of the pocket and on a few occasions find himself in the end zone. Now we know just how fast he really is after an impressive 40-yard dash performance at the NFL Combine this weekend.

Griffin managed to run the fastest 40-yard dash of any QB with a two-run average of 4.38 seconds. In comparison the Heisman trophy runner up Andrew Luck ran the 40 in 4.66 and 4.59 seconds and he’s pretty much a lock to be selected first during the 2012 NFL Draft.

Griffin wasn’t only the fastest quarterback at the combine, he was ranked in the top five for all players and just .08 seconds behind the combines fastest receive Stephen Hill.

Robert fell behind only Hill and Miami’s Travis Benjamin (4.32), North Carolina State’s T.J. Graham (4.35) and Wake Forest’s Chris Givens (4.37). All three of those men are receivers who were expected to post fast run time.

Griffin’s 4.38 seconds average means he was faster then more than 300 other draft hopefuls who worked out at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis on Sunday.

With the St. Louis Rams potentially looking to trade for its No. 2 NFL Draft pick the young QB’s performance at the NFL Combine could be giving them the type of ammunition they need to demand more for other teams looking for the opportunity to draft Robert Griffin III.

Do you think Griffin has a long NFL career ahead of him as an athletic QB with a good head on his shoulders?