Joanne Twomey: Maine Politician Confronts Governor With A Jar Of Vaseline

Maine politician Joanne Twomey took the concept of political discourse to a rather absurd level Thursday night by tossing a jar of Vaseline onto the stage where Governor Paul LePage was speaking, Raw Story is reporting.

The Vaseline incident happens at around 2:45 in the video posted above.

Joanne Twomey was a former Democrat state lawmaker — she hasn’t held public office since 2007 — whom the Portland Press Herald rather delicately describes as “outspoken.” She was at Thursday’s town hall-style meeting with the Republican governor to confront him about his budget proposals, which she believed harm low-income residents of The Pine Tree State.

“With all due respect, I was elected to speak truth to power, and I was in the state legislature for eight years. I sat on those tax committees when they wanted to tax haircuts and tax you to go to the movies. But poor people, governor, can’t go to Disneyland.”

As to why she chose Vaseline to make her statement, that goes back to 2013, according to Huffington Post, when the governor made a rather crude remark about one of Twomey’s Democrat colleagues, Troy Jackson.

“Sen. Jackson claims to be for the people, but he’s the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline.”

After the Vaseline “assault,” Twomey was removed from the room and the governor abruptly ended the meeting.

Asked later about the Vaseline incident, Twomey insists it was the right thing to do, and she makes no apologies, according to Politico.

“If people thought the Vaseline was out of line, I’m sorry, but he is out of line with what he is going to do to the people of Maine.”

As of this post, Joanee Twomey has not been charged with any crimes for confronting the Maine governor with a jar of Vaseline, and it is unclear if he will pursue any legal action.

[Image courtesy of: Shutterstock/KPG_Payless]