April 3, 2015
Bill O'Reilly Outdoes Sean Hannity In Serving As Crusader For Christians

In the past, Bill O'Reilly has appointed himself as the leader defending what he calls "The War on Christmas." Now, he has become a crusader for what he considers a general war against Christianity. On his show Thursday night, Mr. O'Reilly lamented that the war on Christianity is getting even worse.

"So you can see, Christians are being slaughtered all over the place. Here in the USA, verbal attacks against Christians are the headline. As we reported yesterday, some far-left people aided by a sympathetic media are now smearing Americans who oppose things like abortion and gay marriage. No question it is open season on Christians."
Bill O'Reilly's on-air editorial was a reaction to the murder of Christians in Kenya by five radical Muslim. He also mentioned a suicide bombing last month in Pakistan that killed 14 Christians and wounded 70 others.

Of course, many can argue that Bill O'Reilly has a point. But is he the correct spokesperson for Christianity? The Fox News star has been accused of lying several times over the past couple of months. According to Yahoo, Bill O'Reilly's former cameraman is now saying he is a liar. Ignacio Medrano-Carbo, the man who Bill O'Reilly claims he saved during the 1982 riots in Buenos Aires, Argentina, completely denies that O'Reilly ever touched him.

Bill O'Reilly thinks that the negative stories about him are due to his political beliefs. He also believes the brutal reviews for his television film Killing Jesus were personal and based, in part, on general anti-Christian sentiments in the country.

"Any embrace of Christian tradition is a danger to the agenda of the left. It was easy to see that in the articles about Killing Jesus…There is a struggle in this country for power, for freedom, and for life-affirming behavior. Judeo-Christian tradition is under assault – there's no question about that."
Bill O'Reilly isn't the only media figure that senses a backlash against Christianity; it's a topic that is discussed virtually every day on talk radio. The topic has gained even more momentum over the past couple days as many Christians support Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which others believe will allow businesses to discriminate against homosexuals, Muslims, and, in some cases, even Jews. Governor Mike Pence of Indiana signed the bill and insists it's not about discrimination.

Bill O'Reilly has always talked about the "culture wars" on his show and it has become more apparent than ever that he was correct. However, even Mr. O'Reilly can't predict which side will win.

[Photo Credit: Salon]