World’s First Quadruple Limb Transplant Performed In Turkey

A man who lost both of his arms and legs at 13-years-old received the world’s first quadruple limb transplant in Turkey on Saturday.

Doctors tell Sky News that the surgery was performed in Ankara over 20-hours with more than 50 doctors working on the patient throughout the procedure.

Now 27-years-old Sevket Cavdar must wait to see if his new arms and legs accept the transplant:

“We have good results but maybe we will lose all of the limbs,” one surgeon says. “Maybe (we’ll) lose only one or two, we have to wait, but I think for now we have good results.”

The main concern right now are complications that arise as doctors wait to see how well the surgery holds. To help the man if complications occur doctors have been asking members of the community to provide blood donations for emergency backup purposes.

In the meantime brother-in-law Cengiz Cavdar tells teh Daily Mail:

“(He) has only been seeing himself walking in his dreams,” he says. “We hope that he will be able to walk one day in real life. … He always wanted to become a driver one day.”

Two months ago a Turkish hospital in the province of Antalya attempted a triple limb transplant that ultimately failed as the patients body refused to accept the new appendages.

Do you think doctors have went to far to the extreme in attempting to make a patients body accept four new limbs at one time?