Prince William’s Uncle On Raising Royals: Earl Charles Spencer Says ‘You Have To Work’

Prince William is soon to be the father of another heir to the British throne. The Duke of Cambridge and his brother, Prince Harry, were famously reared by their mother, Diana Princess of Wales. Although Diana had royal blood, she raised her children to remember the joys and responsibilities of everyday life. In a new interview with Oprah Winfrey, Diana’s brother, Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer, reveals that dedication to work is part of what their mother instilled in them.

“My mother always knew what was coming my way and she said ‘You have to work, you’ll never be happy if you don’t work.

“[Royals] should [work] and I have to say I really get a lot out of my work, it really matters to me. I always tell me children, ‘You’ve got to find your own way and only then will you find true happiness.”

He also opened up about the challenges of raising children with privileged heritage, such as Princes William and Harry.

“We want them to find their own way. And you don’t want to disable them by giving them too much.”

Earl Spencer also revealed that his father, who inherited a royal title in 1975, did not work, but it would have been strange if he had. Not working, according to Charles, was a way of saving face.

The only brother to Princess Diana, who had three siblings, including sisters Sarah and Jane, told Oprah he was away at boarding school when news broke of her engagement to Prince Charles. Diana was 19 years old at the time.

“I really had no idea what a big deal it was. I was a fairly dumb 17- or 16-year-old boy who was more interested in sports and girls and things.”

Princess Diana died at age 36 in a car crash in 1997. Her divorce from Prince Charles had been finalized the year before. Prince Charles went on to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles, his longtime companion. Princes William and Harry hosted a special concert in 2007 in remembrance of their mother. Proceeds of the concert went towards the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

Prince William and Duchess Kate’s second child is due in April. Commentators have noticed that William and Kate have given their first child and future king, Prince George, some degree of a normal upbringing. The former Kate Middleton was spotted over the winter holidays taking George to a public park. The couple has even been spotted heading back from the country on public trains, their dog Lupo in tow.

[Earl Charles Spencer image courtesy of Getty]