Police: Teen Girl Schemed With Army Soldier Boyfriend In Her Mom’s Killing

Authorities say a Pennsylvania teenager texted her Army soldier boyfriend “I want her gone” just hours before her mom’s killing.

Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin said Jamie Silvonek, 14, was charged as an adult in the conspiracy and homicide of her mother.

According to the Associated Press, the 54-year-old victim, Cheryl Silvonek, took her eighth-grader and the child’s 20-year-old boyfriend to a concert. Upon returning home in the early morning hours of March 15, Cheryl was killed while she was still in her car.

The boyfriend, Army Spc. Caleb Barnes, was off duty from Fort Meade in Maryland at the time. He admitted to stabbing Jamie’s mom in the neck while in her car and has been charged with homicide.

Jamie admitted witnessing her mother’s killing and helping to dispose of her body. Her attorney, John Waldron, believes the teen was under Barnes’ control because of their six-year age difference. He blamed her actions on “distress” and “coercion.”

“She cried incessantly and told me how much she missed her mom and told me she was coerced, she was afraid she was going to be killed, she was afraid her dad was going to be killed. So there’s a lot of things we have to decipher here.”

Police believe Jamie met Caleb Barnes last October when she was 13 but may have lied and told him she was 17. Her mom found out about the relationship at the beginning of March, and shortly thereafter, Jamie told her adult boyfriend she wanted her parents dead.

Cheryl Silvonek did not approve of the relationship and told Barnes and her daughter she wanted it to end.

Things got heated when Jamie told her mother that her boyfriend was taking her to a concert in Scranton. Her mother told her he was not allowed into the house via text.

Jamie texted her boyfriend, “She threatened to throw me out of the house. I want her gone.”

Later she told her boyfriend to “just do it.”

According to the Morning Call, as a last-ditch effort to get her daughter away from the man she had entangled herself with, Cheryl decided to drive her daughter and Barnes to the concert. Jamie and her boyfriend texted each other in the car.

Jamie texted her boyfriend, “”I love you. We can do this. We’ll just drive her car then, right?”

He replied, “No. That leaves us as the suspects.”

After the show and the killing was complete, Jamie and Caleb went out to eat and then could be seen on camera playfully buying cleaning supplies and gloves at a store.

Later, authorities found Jamie and her boyfriend naked at home in bed. Cheryl Silvonek’s car was found near Cheryl’s shallow grave, not too far from the Silvonek home.

Jamie’s father claims he never even knew his daughter had a boyfriend. He had taken a sleeping pill and had slept through the night’s incidents, and after working several long days, he was shocked to know about what had happened when police woke him.

[Photo by NBC 10]